Kevin Durant vs Dwyane Wade

The NBA season is a little over a month away, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to talk about. On Tuesday night, Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant gave us something to talk about. Multiple reports state that Durant, during the course of an interview, said his former Thunder teammate James Harden should replace Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade in Sports Illustrated’s Top Player of 2014 list in the top 10.

As you might imagine, this did not sit too well with Wade. Cue social media. Wade put a photo of a handwritten note on his Instagram account sending a little message to Durant. The note read: “9-24-13: Kevin Durant said James Harden should replace me in the top 10… Note to self: Make him respect your place in history… — again.” This photo had a caption that read “Don’t believe me just watch.”

Of course Durant took to Twitter to reply. His response simply read “Show me don’t tweet me.”

Kevin Durant                     Tale of the Tape                    Dwyane Wade

6’9”                                            Height                                                               6’4”

235                                            Weight                                                               220

6                                                 Years in NBA                                                   11

0                                                 Championships                                              3

1                                                 Finals Appearances                                      4

4                                                 All Star Games                                              9

2                                                 Draft Pick                                                        5

When many people saw the social media spat between the two, they thought like Wade did in that Durant was overlooking his career. That is simply not the case. Durant was stating that he thought James Harden is better than Dwyane Wade right now, not for the longevity of Wade’s career. If you base your rankings on who the best players are in the NBA, you typically use the year prior as a reference. If rankings consisted of career stats, Kobe Bryant would be the best every year due to his career résumé. Obviously that is not the case. People want to bring up Wade’s three championships as a factor in why he is better than Harden heading into the upcoming season(STOP THAT). Championships are not the end all, be all of determining who is good and who is not for one season. Obviously Wade has had a more accomplished career thus far, including winning a championship against Durant, Harden and the Thunder.

I admire Kevin Durant for going right at Wade saying he thinks Harden should be ranked higher than Wade. I also admire Wade for retaliating the way he did. Some people think Wade is starting to fade away as a player due to knee injuries, but Wade is determined to prove those people and Durant wrong. The two stars have starred in the same Gatorade commercial where they each have nightmares of being blocked by the other. I think things like this are good for the league. You have a young up and comer trying to become great and you also have a veteran who is trying to prove that this is still his yard.

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