Cam Jackson Interview

Cam Jackson is a member of the Class of 2014, he recently committed to Wofford University. Jackson spoke with My Mind on Sports team member DevonTe Brooks recently, the interview is below.

DevonTe Brooks: What position you play?

Cam Jackson: Center in High School and Power Forward in AAU.

DB: What is your goal for this high school season as a senior and what do you want to accomplish as a team?
CJ: I hope to win states and get Player of the Year this year in the Conference and State
DB: How does it feel committing before the season?
CJ: Its good to get it over with now I can focus on getting better so when i get to college i can be ready to play
DB: Out of all the colleges that gave you offers, why Wofford?
CJ: I loved the coaching staff and the campus dorms and faculties.
DB: What other colleges were looking at you?
CJ: Mount St. Mary, Citadel, Towson and New Hampshire.
DB: What is the one thing that impressed you when was on campus?
CJ: Dorms and weight room.
DB: How much were they focusing on you?
CJ: The most interest, I talked to one of the coaches just about everyday.
DB:What is your style of play?
CJ: Im a face-up big, can play play well in the screen-and-roll or pick-and-pop offense.

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