Halloween 2013: Scariest People in Sports

Halloween night is upon us, so let’s have some fun! It’s time to count down the ten scariest people in the sports world today! From the fearsome competitors on the field to the guys you wouldn’t want to find in a dark alley off it, there are plenty of candidates for the title of scariest person in sports. Who is it? Who cracked the top 10? Let’s do it!

  • 10: Zdeno Chara, Bruins. Imagine skating across center ice and seeing a 6-foot-9, 255-pound defensive coming at you. That would be a nightmare, right? For players on the 29 other teams in the NHL, it’s a challenge they have to face at least once a year. With his intimidation factor and propensity to making big hits, Chara may even be underrated on this list.

  • 9: Chris “Birdman” Andersen, Heat. Just look at him. Self-explanatory.

  • 8. James Harrison, Bengals. This 6’0, 275 linebacker has racked up many fines in his NFL career, and his glare is one of the scariest in the league. Even if the hit is clean, opposing skill players will still feel it in the morning. On the “dark alley intimidation” scale, he’s a 9.9 out of 10; the other 0.1% is the slim chance he might smile and shake your hand, showing his nicer, more friendly side.

  • 7. Metta World Peace, Knicks. Metta has calmed down in the past few years, but he’s still kind of a crazy man. Fairly or unfairly, no one will ever forget the Malice at the Palace, where he showed he will beat up anyone who comes in his path. His elbow to James Harden didn’t earn him any new NBA fans either.

  • 6. David Ortiz, Red Sox. Everyone witnessed the punishment Big Papi put on baseballs in the World Series, but watch any Red Sox fight on Youtube in the past ten years and you’ll probably see Ortiz in it, standing up for his teammates by walloping somebody as hard as he can. And remember the phone incident at Camden Yards? I wouldn’t want to mess with Ortiz in a dark or lighted alley.

  • 5. Kevin Garnett, Nets. KG is a vicious player on the court, both with his skill in the post and his relentless, often profanity-laced trash talk. Off the court Garnett may gentler when away from the cameras, but based on his play on the court he seems like a brutal, mean-spirited human being.

  • 4. J.J. Watt, Texans. Watt is built like a beast and plays like one too. He can swat balls out of quarterbacks’ hands with the best of them, and even played with a broken nose; he just needed the nose to be taped up a little. As one of my friends says, “J.J. Watt is a man.”

  • 3. Jon “Bones” Jones, professional wrestler. Bones is 6-4, 205 pounds of pure muscle. He’s a career 19-1, and the one loss came on a disqualification. A guillotine choke in 2009 left an opponent temporarily unconscious, and a knee to the head of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua dropped Rua, the light heavyweight champion at the time, to his knees. Many have tried to make Jones tap out, none of them have been successful. I don’t know any non-fighter who’d want to go into the ring against Jones.

  • 2. Brock Lesnar, professional wrestler. Lesnar is trained in 20 types of martial arts, has biceps the size of an Autotram bus, and stands at 6-3, 286. Just look at him; he’s not exactly a guy you’d want to get riled up.

  • 1. Ray Lewis, retired NFL linebacker. Sure the list was focused on current athletes, but don’t think a few months of retirement makes Lewis any less intimidating. The brutal hits, the freak-of-nature plays, the relentless leadership and the helmet/body armor combination late in his career easily put him at the top of the list.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below or tweet @chuckiemaggio. Happy Halloween!

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