Interview with Quadree Smith of PVI

Our own DevonTe Brooks spoke with Class of 2014 Big man Quadree Smith, the young men had a great conversation. Smith attends Paul the Sixth in Fairfax, VA. He has committed to University of North Carolina at Greensboro. ( This interview took place before Mr. Smith committed, Smith shared the news of his commitment with DevonTe last night)

DevonTe Brooks: With the season about to start, what have you noticed from practice about the way younger guys are playing?

Quadree Smith: The younger guys have been doing all that we have been expecting them to do. From the start they have been playing to the level that we know they can play at. They aren’t playing like freshman,sophomores and juniors.. they have been playing one year ahead. So I am expecting a lot from everyone this year.

DB: Since you’ve been at PVI you have played with some good players such as Stan Robinson and others, how have you changed as a person and a basketball player?

Q: Playing with all of them I have to mature fast and my IQ for the game had to mature.

DB: What is one thing people don’t know about your game in terms of  playing or guarding you?

Q: I can shoot the ball

DB: What type of season will this be for you and the team?

Q: This season is special for me because its my last time playing high school basketball at PVI so I just want to go out with a bang. But we all want the same thing, we just want to win and be the best in anything we do.

DB: How special was the run in 9th grade making it to city championship and winning it?

Q: That sounds great , that year was a great year because we wanted everything as you already know but just to be able to experience everything that I did that year was a big help for me right now.

DB: Can you describe to me how has point guard Kevin Dorsey improved from his Freshman year to this year?

Q:Kevin Dorsey has grown a lot, you could see it  a lot in the way he plays. Kevin learned how to slow down and dictate what the other point guard does on the floor, his decision making.. his guiding is tremendously better.  Kevin works hard and you can see all the work he puts in, it translates to game situations.

DB: What person challenges you the most and how?

Q: Marcus Dickerson because I have to guard him every day when we play and we just get after it. We try to make each other better everyday. So we push our bodies to their limits when we are in practice.

DB: How has coach Farrello helped you?

Q: Coach Farrello has done SOOO much. He has helped me with things on and off the court. He has helped me with finding the right fit for school and everything. Without coach I don’t think I would have known what to do at this point. All of the things he knows I just try to use it and apply it to my game.

DB: How would you describe the feeling of playing at PVI?

Q: Its a family relationship there. The kids love us and they support us in everything we do no matter what and thats the thing that I love most.

DB: Any players in the WCAC you looking forward to playing against?

Q: All of them

DB: Any message for players trying to get looks?

Q: Think of your dream school and dream coach. Practice and play as if that school/coach was in the building. Don’t let off the pedal, keep going.

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