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It’s a new season for the rebuilding Philadelphia 76ers and with a new season comes another season of me over analyzing the games. Which brings us to my new weekly look into all things 76ers, I’ll be giving my thoughts on little things I’ve seen from players, changes I feel the team should make, amongst other things.

It started as a few tweets on Monday night after I watched the San Antonio Spurs kill the Philadelphia 76ers when I realized this would be an interesting topic to talk about seeing as the 76ers are one of the most exciting teams in the league this year.

Michael Carter Williams has a chance to be special on defense in the near future. At this time he’s young and does the things most young guards do on defense; he over helps, loses his man off the ball, and tends to get lazy fighting through screens.  Mike Sykes pointed out that  this is part of  76ers scheme, they want to create havoc on defense and get teams out of what they normally do. As time goes on and he continues to get coached up, I think he’ll end up being one of the better defenders in the league.

This 76ers team is one of the worst defensive teams I’ve seen in years, the numbers don’t explain how bad on defense this team is. On Monday vs the Spurs I counted well over 15 missed assignments. Part of the reason is that this is one of the youngest teams in the league, another is that this team has no rim protector whatsoever, more on that later.

I really want to cheer for Evan Turner and I still held out hope that he would become a good player in this league, but man he is not an efficient player in this league. Part of that is because he doesn’t make three’s nor does he get to the free throw line. He’s at 19% from three and gets to the line just 5 times a game, I say just because a who can get to the line at will should get to the line more than just five times a game. I love Thad Young, he’s been one of my favorite 6ers over the last few years, but he needs to be traded as soon as possible for both parties. I’m sure the “6ers” feel that he’s not a player that should be part of the rebuilding effort and I’m sure he doesn’t want to be apart of it himself.

The team needs a rim protecting big in the worst way but I doubt they go out and get one when they have Nerlens Noel on the team, even though he’ll be in street clothes for the remainder of the season.

These are just a few things I’ve noticed so far this young season for the 76ers, as the season goes on and things change I’ll be back to speak on them.

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