Crazy Theory, Maybe?

Tuesday night on My Mind on Sports on BLIS FM, there was an interesting discussion(on air) about Carmelo Anthony and his possible future with the New York Knicks during the NBA segment. My co-hosts Jason Brawell and Octavia Wyatt both had differing thoughts on Melo’s future, one saying that he’d stay with the Knicks while the other believed that he would leave. Octavia believed that the Knicks would keep Melo, discard the pieces that are currently there (as many as possible) and build a new team with Melo as the center piece. Jason believed that Melo could go to Los Angeles to team up with an older Kobe Bryant and help Kobe battle for a sixth title. Obviously, no one could say that either was right or wrong being that no one knows what will happen. It is all speculation at this point, yet that doesn’t mean we can’t share our thoughts on the situation.

I’ve shared what my colleagues believed would happen, my theory is quite different and could possibly be perceived as ludicrous. Either way, I feel compelled to share my thoughts and let you decide if it is nearly as incredulous as it sounds. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, as the comments section is there for you to do just that.

Carmelo Anthony is an offensive weapon, he’s been just that from the day he set foot on the campus of Syracuse to his most recent game played for the Knicks. He’s received flak over the years for not being something he isn’t, he’s not a playmaker, he’s not a point forward, he is and will always be a weapon on the offensive end. Anthony presents a multitude of problems for opposing teams and players, he has the ability to score the basketball in many ways. He’s shown us this year, when motivated that he is capable of being a beast on the glass as well. For his career, Melo has averaged 6.5 rebounds per game. This season, he has pulled down 9.9 boards a game while leading his team in scoring with 26.3 points a game. The roster in New York hasn’t “fit” since the initial trade to acquire Anthony, it hasn’t gotten any better either. While Melo could stand to round his game out a bit, the bigger issue has been that he has been misused from day one. He’s the type of player that needs to play with a very good point guard, a guard that knows when Melo needs the ball. As a pure scorer, Melo should never have the ball with more than 12 seconds on the shot clock. He is wired to score the basketball, if he has the ball sooner why would you be surprised if he struggled to initiate the offense or struggled to make plays for others? That’s not who he is, he’s never going to be LeBron James or Kevin Durant. He’s a totally different beast, but a beast none the less. The knock on Melo has always been his decision making both in shot selection and play making, why not take that process out of his hands? Which brings me to the correct destination for Carmelo Anthony, the only destination that makes sense in my mind.

The destination is Los Angeles, but not for the purple and gold. The Los Angeles Clippers should be the destination for Mr. Anthony, he is the big time wing player that Chris Paul has never had. Chris Paul is the point guard that Melo has never had, outside of their forays with the National Team. Looking at the Clippers roster, they are lacking players that can create for themselves. Yes they are currently over the salary cap, but it is only by seven hundred thousand, a far cry from being millions over the cap. While the additions of JJ Reddick and Jared Dudley provide the Clips with outside shooting, neither is adept at creating their own shot. The duo of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are loaded with potential, neither is ready to be counted on at the end of a shot clock or capable of carrying the scoring load at this point. They are who they are, Chris Paul is responsible of “feeding” every member of the starting five as well as providing the big shots as the clock winds down. Jamal Crawford is the only Clippers player that can consistently create for himself and he comes off of the bench, if it costs DeAndre Jordan and a couple other players so be it. Say the Clippers can unload Jordan, Dudley, or Collison, maybe Melo would be enticed to sign for less for the opportunity to play with Chris Paul. Maybe Chris Paul would be open to restructuring his deal, to bring Melo aboard. Hypothetically, that would leave the Clippers with Paul,Reddick,Melo, Griffin as starters and they’ll have to find a center. Look at the success the Blazers are having this season, Robin Lopez isn’t seen as a great big man, yet he’s had a great impact in that starting line up. Providing a defensive mentality playing next to LaMarcus Aldridge, it could work is all I’m saying. Maybe you’re concerned about the fit of Melo & Griffin, after seeing how Amare-Melo didn’t work very well. Once again, Chris Paul wasn’t the point guard in New York. If anyone could make it work, I truly think Chris Paul could. This is completely on Melo, does he trust the front office of the Knicks to build a good roster around him? Or, he can take a little less in his pocket and finally play with a very good point guard out in Los Angeles. The pairing of Melo and Paul would only make Griffin that much better, the fact that Griffin is also a willing passer won’t hurt should the duo of Paul & Griffin become a trio including Anthony.

Once again, this is just a theory of mine. It could happen or it couldn’t, I just ask you to consider the possibility? Is this theory as ludicrous as it sounds or do you think I may be on to something?


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