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Martin Geben Interview

DeVonte Brooks attended the Team Takeover event at Dematha High School over the weekend, he had the opportunity to speak with Notre Dame Commit Martin Geben(Class of 2014).


DeVonte Brooks: Martin, you had 12 points and 21 rebounds today. What did you think contributed to that?

Martin Gebin: The team effort and everybody staying together. Also, being focus on offense and defense.

DB: How do you think your senior season is going so far?

MG: It’s going really well! The team is coming along very nicely and by the end of the season we will be really good.

DB: When you committed, do you think it took any pressure off of you?

MG: It really wasn’t any pressure, but it does motivate me to do better and work hard

DB: What are your goals for this season ?

MG: Be the best player on the court and help my team be the best we can be.

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