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What is this “15 Seconds” category, what does it mean? Derived from the phrase “15 seconds of fame,” the folks here at My Mind on Sports want to help athletes that are out there working on their crafts and chasing their dreams get some exposure. Whether it’s High School, Collegiate Semi-Pro, or Professional athletes, we will give them an opportunity to showcase their talents through the use of Highlight Tapes. The tapes will be played in this section of the site, in addition to the videos there will be contact information for the athletes as well. We’re chasing our dream of becoming a viable news outlet, why not help others that are chasing their dreams as well? If you would like to submit Highlight tapes to the “15 Seconds” part of our site, contact Wilson Tarpeh Jr. Send him an email at Wilson@mymindonsports.com or tweet him @willietspeaks or @mymindonsports

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CEO/Founder of My Mind on Sports For More Information on Wilson, check out his Bio in the "Team" Section Follow Wilson on Twitter: @Willietspeaks

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