College Football Semifinals: Preview

Who’s in?  This has been the question that was asked all season long, and now we finally know the answer.  But the debate of course doesn’t end there.  The more frequent question over the past month that has been debated is; did the committee get it right?  For some..they say “yes” to others they say, “3 out of 4”.  Regardless… Read More

‘Black Monday’ has arrived

Here we are yet again, the Monday after Christmas….’Black Monday’ as it’s know in the NFL. It’s the annual day every season in which teams part ways with coaches and general managers who have come up short. In some cases the break is pretty amicable, in others it’s often been seen as inevitable, and yet other cases it’s ‘how did… Read More

‘Black Monday’ Entertaining in Washington

The 2014-2015 NFL Season just ended for the Washington Redskins and while they haven’t yet lost a coach on “Black Friday”, their offseason is off to the usual dysfunctional start. While there have been issues with the media and organization for the past few years regarding leaks, there has also been evidence of there not being a clear cut line… Read More