Richard Sherman Speaks His Mind

The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers’ rivalry is one that resembles an old school football rivalry, as well as an old school professional wrestling rivalry. In one corner you have a team that has arguably the best home-field advantage in all of sports. In the other corner, you have a team that was in its third straight NFC Championship game.

During the week leading up to the NFC Championship game, the two teams exchanged in a war of words, much like pro wrestlers do when they cut promos. This is to be expected, especially when the two teams despise one another and both legitimately have a chance of going to the Super Bowl. One of the biggest trash talkers in the NFL is Seattle corner back, Richard Sherman and he was in a verbal battle during the week with some of the 49ers, most notably wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

In professional wrestling, the rivalry culminates with a big match at a pay-per-view with some sort of big stipulation. The stipulation in this football matchup was a coveted trip to Super Bowl XLVIII. The two teams battled it out to the very end and it all came down to one crucial play involving the two trash talkers. San Francisco quarterback, Colin Kaepernick threw a ball into the end zone on a fade route, intended for Crabtree. Sherman was covering Crabtree on the play and deflected the ball right into teammate Malcolm Smith to essentially give Seattle the win and a trip to the Super Bowl.

After the game, the trash talking continued. Sherman was interviewed on the field by Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews and ESPN’s Ed Werder. In each interview, Sherman called out Crabtree yet again, calling him a “sorry receiver” and a “mediocre receiver at best.” He said all week that Crabtree wasn’t all that great and he would put him in his place. Sherman was right on the money with that one, making the biggest play of the Seattle season.

Sherman wasn’t done talking after those comments. He went on to declare himself the “best corner back in the game.” He has a strong résumé to back up his statement. He is one of the premier, shut-down corners in all of football. He will tell you that and then go out and prove it, just like he did against Crabtree and the 49ers.

Crabtree went on to defend himself once he was aware of what Sherman had said. Crabtree said Sherman made no other big plays and questioned his proclamation of being the best corner in the game. This led Crabtree to take to Twitter to further his comments tweeting “Film don’t lie…  @nflnetwork @espn  pull up the tape of that game and show me where this guy is the best?  #fake #fake #fake.” It might have been one play that was highlighted, but Sherman provided more than just a couple of statistics on the stat sheet, by not allowing Crabtree to not see the football much when it was in the air.

In all aspects of life, if you want to be the best, you have to work extremely hard and strive to be the best. You can’t simply show up and just be the best. When you are aspiring to reach your goals and dreams, you have to put in the time and effort to do so. Whether you are a professional athlete, a lawyer, a doctor, or any other form of occupation you want to be, you have to want to be the best in order to be the best. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. Sherman proclaims he is the best corner back in the NFL and he should. He backs up what he says with his play on the field. He is being real to himself by saying he thinks he is the best in the game and he should have the right to do so without being criticized.

Some fans took offense to Sherman’s postgame comments, even voicing their frustrations on social networks. Some fans will love Sherman and some will hate the guy no matter what he says. Others took those negative sentiments a little too far. People were actually wishing injury on the young man for voicing his opinion in the fashion he did after the game. That is downright despicable. The guy is young and just came off making the biggest play in his entire football life thus far. He is going to be amped up and very emotional. He will speak his mind however he feels and he has the right to do so.

Sherman and the Seahawks will take on the Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos for the most prestigious prize in the sport.  The number one ranked teams in the NFC and AFC will do battle for the Lombardi Trophy in two weeks. Fans of the Broncos who did not like the comments voiced their displeasures in a more suitable way, saying things like “Peyton Manning will show Richard Sherman what’s up in the Super Bowl and shut him up.” This may be the case and those fans should feel that way about the game. The best defense versus the best offense. Just like the headline from Wrestlemaia III when Hulk Hogan took on Andre the Giant in the Pontiac Silver Dome in Detroit, the immovable force meets the irresistible force meets the immovable object. Some 49ers’ fans even took the high road, congratulating Sherman and not feeling any type of way about his comments, which isn’t easy to do after he caused their team to go home a game early.

In the next two weeks, we will be seeing a ton of coverage on all aspects of the Super Bowl. You better believe we will here countless amounts of times about the highly-powered Denver offense and the highly revered Seattle defense, with Mr. Sherman in the middle of the talking. Whether you like him or not, Sherman has the chance to actually prove he is the best in the league at what he does when he goes against one of the game’s all-time best quarterbacks in Manning. Anything can happen in two weeks, at what is the Wrestlemania of the NFL, but for today, Sherman speaks his mind and backs up what he says.

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