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Georgetown Commit Keeps Cool Through Tough Stretch

Losing to the Panthers of Paul the Sixth at home is disappointing, losing by 20 is flat out unacceptable.  That is not the mentality of Hoyas commit Tre Campbell, nor is that a result he wants his team to willingly accept. After their loss to PVI at home earlier in the season, the Cadets have been on a roll having won 16 in a row. The Cadets have adopted Campbell’s mentality since then and haven’t looked back. It has been a long journey for Campbell & the Cadets so far this season.

Tre is often described as a leader on the court and has shown the ability to be vocal when needed. Having watched him play multiple times this year, Campbell definitely handles himself well on the court. One game he routinely references the game versus PVI  whenever the Cadets get a big win over a WCAC team. Tre described that game as a really “humbling” one.


Georgetown, the media, and fans all adore Campbell. The Hoyas commit is really excited about playing on the collegiate level next season. A lot of NBA players have come out of that program over the years, most recently being 2013 lottery pick Otto Porter Jr. When Tre arrives on campus, the hype will be “serious” around that team. Consider the players they have now coupled with the players they have coming in. Tre Campbell will be coming in with LJ Peak, Paul White, and Issac Copeland in a class that is considered the 11th best in the country. Good enough for second best in the Big East per 247Sports Composite Team Rankings.


Tre has taken the initiative to communicate a lot via social networks. He’s already begun developing relationships with the players that will be joining him on campus next year. Which speaks volumes to the type of leader he already is, off-the- court relationships will really help once he and his fellow classmates arrive on campus. Against Gonzaga, I asked Tre about his relationship with the other recruits that are coming in.”I’ve got a great relationship with all the players that are coming in.” Campbell said. “I really feel good about it.” Campbell is a player that will be able to make an early impact next year on this Georgetown team. Even with Markel Starks being a senior, there will be minutes to be had at the point guard position.

One of the many things I’ve learned about Tre Campbell is that he is always wanting to improve. After the Dematha game, he was asked about his defense. “I can always work on my defense,” Campbell said. The point guard is dedicated to perfecting his craft, always willing to work. Campbell also shared that he has to continue to work on his strength after the season.

Georgetown fans should really be excited going into next season because his potential impact is already visible. I have been most impressed by the way the Hoyas commit handles himself. When the Cadets are down or have a bad quarter, he doesn’t get mad, just leads his team and they follow him. Campbell has great poise, which is very rare for his age. He gives credit to a lot of people, really big on bonding with his teammates and winning. In DMV Elite’s “Inside Out” video about Tre Campbell, Darian Bryant (Campbell’s teammate) described Tre as a leader and energetic. If you know the guy well, he gives it his all every time, even when he is not having a good game.

Against Bishop O’Connell, Tre only scored 10 points and was struggling with his shot. He stayed calm throughout the game and helped his team win as he scored five points in a matter of seconds. Campbell hit a huge three pointer, stole the ensuing inbounds pass,  just to force double overtime. He made big offensive and defensive plays to help his team win. After the O’Connell game, Tre addressed his performance. “In the beginning I couldn’t really make stuff,” said Campbell. “But I had to keep playing hard.”

Tre is trying to end his career at St Johns College High School by winning a WCAC championship and be selected to the First Team All-Met by the Washington Post. As a team leader, he is really looking forward to getting a win against the PVI Panthers. St Johns lost to them at home and he’s trying to go on the road and get a win in the PAC. He described the atmosphere as  “Crazy and believes that his team can get the win.” Campbell followed up that statement with the type of calmness he shows on the court, “We just got to play hard”.

His teammate Darian Bryant told me how Campbell has developed over time since his junior season. Bryant has played with Tre Campbell since his freshman year at St Johns. “He has developed and matured greatly from last year and into the summer,” Bryant said. “He’s a great person off the court with a great personality. On the court, he’s a great leader.”

Now we head to the game that everyone had been waiting for, fans and media included.

It’s a Thursday night at PVI and the Cadets are looking to get revenge after a blowout loss at home to the Panthers earlier in the year. After every game, people always reference that game because they know St. Johns is better than their performance in a 20 point loss earlier this season. Georgetown Head coach John Thompson III and Hoyas assistant Kevin Broadus were in attendance on Thursday looking at Tre Campbell and Marcus Derrickson, a 2015 prospect that has already committed to Georgetown.

Campbell didn’t play well throughout the game, as he finished with just 9 points. When it came time for him to show up late in the fourth quarter, he did so by hitting a corner three to give his team a lead late in the fourth. With ten seconds left, the Cadets had the ball and a chance to win. Campbell dribbled the ball to the wing then passed the ball to Darian Anderson,  who caught it in rhythm and shot it. It was a three-pointer that hit the bottom of the net. The whole St. Johns bench stormed the court. Tre didn’t have the game he expected to have, but he was confident down the stretch.

The Cadets have been on a big-time winning streak, including wins against Good Counsel, Dematha, O’Connell, Gonzaga and PVI. After the second PVI game, Tre addressed the winning streak and his team’s mentality since the early season loss to PVI. “I always knew that we all had heart,” Campbell said. “We all had to come out here and compete. I knew we could do it and people were doubting us.”

Campbell went on to say how Cadets Head Coach Sean McAloon showed the team a video before the game to try and instill a particular mindset in his team prior to the rematch. “Coach showed us a video of some hyenas attacking the lions,” replied Campbell. “They were the hyenas and we were the lions”



After winning four games in a row against the likes of Paul VI, DeMatha, O’Connell and Gonzaga in a little over a weeks time the Cadets would have had plenty of reason to have a let down game against St. Mary’s Ryken the following night. That didn’t happen. St. John’s held off a fourth quarter rally from Ryken to win their 16th straight game 71-70. Campbell finished the game with 10 points, including a pair of three pointers giving him 34 made three-pointers on the season.


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