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Buck Showalter is doing a tremendous job as the manager of the Baltimore Orioles. He is a guy who is extremely passionate about winning baseball games and getting the best out of his players. Spring training is off and running, which means the 2014 MLB season starts in roughly a month.

Spring training gives younger players  the chance to make their dreams come true and make an MLB roster. It also gives players a chance to better themselves as players and as individuals. Josh Hart is a 19-year old outfielder that Baltimore selected in the 2013 supplemental draft and is currently in Sarasota, Florida for spring training with the Orioles. Hart was also the recipient of a homework assignment from Showalter on Monday night.  Yes, that’s right, a homework assignment for a professional baseball player.

Hall of Fame player and manager Frank Robinson, a two-time World Series champion with the Orioles, was at spring training on Monday for an appearance. Hart was walking with Showalter when he mentioned to his skipper he didn’t know who Robinson was. So the teacher in Showalter decided to assign Hart a homework assignment; a one-page paper on Robinson. Hart gladly obliged and went on his way.

Hart said he knew of Robinson being in the Hall of Fame, but had no idea how great the man was as a baseball player/manager. After doing the assignment, Hart realized the greatness of Robinson and all his accomplishments and accolades. He was appreciative of the opportunity that he got to do the report on one of the game’s most iconic players.

No matter what profession you are aspiring to call a career, you have to know at least a little bit about the company or organization you will be working for. You don’t have to know every little detail of your future employer, but knowing something will help you tremendously. When you interview for a job, it would be best to know some background facts about the company, that way the person or persons hiring you doesn’t think you know nothing about the company. It is a little different in baseball or any other professional sport, but the same concept applies.

Someone who is hired by any company or line of work will not be the first of their craft. Granted, there are circumstances like entrepreneurs, but that is a little bit different. In professional sports, there are many players who have played and achieved great success way before some players were ever thought of. It is important for players, especially young players to know the lineage of the sport they are playing in. A lot of great players paved the way so that there can be a professional league. Showalter understands, respects, appreciates the game of baseball and he wants his players to do the same. Hart did his assignment and it looks like he will be doing more research as he enjoyed writing about Robinson. Showalter said Hart got an “A-plus” on his paper and in reality, Showalter got an “A-plus” for his teaching of the game.

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