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Kevin Seraphin gets Qualifying Offer From Wizards

The Washington Wizards have formally extended a qualifying offer to Kevin Seraphin. Seraphin, drafted in 2010 along with John Wall, averaged 11 minutes per game last season and only played in 53 games while remaining relatively healthy.

It’s interesting that the Wizards have extended a qualifying offer to Seraphin rather than Trevor Booker–who produced in a larger role and occasionally started. What does this mean?

Well, it could mean many things. Seraphin is only 6’10 and is a good rim protector in limited minutes, but he isn’t getting starting big man play with a tunnel-vision offensive game and a shaky defensive game.

This doesn’t mean that Seraphin is going to be back with the Wizards next season. It means that they have the opportunity to match any deal that he gets offered. This could prove to be insurance if Gortat walks and the Wizards can’t find a suitable replacement. Why not retain someone familiar instead of teaching someone else the nuances of your system?

The absolute goal is to get them back in the red, white and blue and management has made that known. They’ll be pitching to Trevor Ariza once free agency hits and they’ve already made a visit to Poland to try and bring back Gortat. The Wizards are putting all hands on deck in an effort to bring back those to and they’ll clear as much room as they need to in order to do it.

Seraphin’s qualifying offer is a part of that. They’ll probably look to upgrade at his position eventually or bring him back, but not before they re-sign their priorities.

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