The Best Move For Andre Johnson Is To Remain In Houston

Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson is not a happy camper. The talented veteran is looking at his current team and does not like what he sees. This offseason, Houston hired a new head coach in former Penn State head coach Bill O’Brien and traded away starting quarterback Matt Schuab (replaced by former Tennessee quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick) to the Oakland Raiders. Couple those changes with the fact that the Texans are coming off a disappointing 2-14 season and you can see what could be bothering him. It’s crystal clear Johnson wants out. But due to the potential $11.8 million in dead money the Texans would have against their salary cap, it does not look like the Texans have any plans to let him go. So, instead of looking for a way out, Johnson may want to look at the positives this Texans team offers.

Last season was forgettable for the Texans. But one thing that’s great for them is the division they play in. Another reason Johnson does not want to get traded is the potential of switching conferences. If he is traded, the Texans would more than likely trade him to the NFC, which is way more competitive than the AFC. If he were to stay in the AFC, there is only two teams he would have to deal with and both of them have issues themselves. The Denver Broncos were an offensive machine last season with Peyton Manning at the helm. But defensively against the pass, they were 27th in the NFL. Not saying the Broncos were not a good team, but they could not really stop anyone when the opponent decided to pass. And who can forget that embarrassing display in the Super Bowl versus the Seattle Seahawks. The New England Patriots are always in the running for the AFC crown with Tom Brady. But unfortunately, their defense always lets them down and last year was no exception. The Patriots ranked 27th in total defense in 2013. Now the Texans would be facing two legendary quarterbacks, but top to bottom, the AFC is easier than the NFC to make a Super Bowl run. And the Super Bowl is where Andre would love to go one time in his career.

What it all comes down to is Johnson plays in one of the worst divisions in the NFL in the weakest conference in the NFL. And he also has a defense that, despite a down year last season, has been very good over the years. I expect them to rebound and play well next season. I also look for the Texans offense to play better behind the return of running back Adrian Foster. In the division they play in, one slip by Indianapolis could have them going from worst to first in that division. So Andre, pipe down on the trade talk. You’re in the perfect place with the perfect team to make a run.

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