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Catching up with Brian Inge

Early last week, Wilson Tarpeh Jr. had the opportunity to sit down with DMV Elite Fall League’s creator, Brian Inge. Brian had been a guest on My Mind on Sports on BLIS FM last year, he’s been extremely busy since then. The pair had a chance to catch up over the phone, mostly to talk about this year’s Fall League. Enjoy the conversation below!


Wilson: It’s a new year, which means another year of your fall league. how many new and old teams do you have participating in this years?

Brian: This is the fourth fall league and seventh high school event overall if you count the showcase and spring league I have organized in the past few years. I am proud to say that we have retained eight teams from last year’s league and have added six teams that are in their “rookie” season participating in one of my events. Every year my goal is to try to add a few teams outside of the surrounding area (PG county/DC) and give them some of the exposure and competition that comes with playing in this area. This year we added teams from Southern Maryland, Arundel County and Northern Virginia which we are glad to have participate.

Wilson: Why did you decide to start a fall league and how did you go about bringing that idea to life?

Brian: Well my first idea was to organize a spring high school league similar to the one I played in back in high school which was held over at Crossland high school. I remember that league having WCAC teams, independent powers like National Christian Academy and top Prince George’s County teams playing all in the same league. THAT WAS UNHEARD OF AT THE TIME!!! Playing in that league was one of my favorite experiences in high school and I wanted to replicate that for kids in this era. After starting the spring league I just kept it going with a fall league and hopefully soon I will be blessed to add another event to the portfolio (laughter ensues).

Wilson: What do you want the players to gain from playing in your league?

Brian: My goal for this league is to have a competitive league to prepare teams for the regular high school season, help the players gain exposure by having various level college coaches come recruit players and also receive exposure from the platform DMV elite offers all levels of players. The goal with everything I do is to help these guys get an opportunity to be seen and earn a scholarship, so whatever I can do to streamline that process I will definitely do.

Wilson: Did you have anything like this when you were coming up, specifically in High School?

Brian: As I said earlier, we had a spring league that I played in but as far as the wide range of teams from different regions and also the exposure and opportunity provided by social media and other media platforms? My day definitely did not compare to this (More laughter).

Wilson: Who are the sleepers in this year’s league?

Brian: Sleepers? That is a tough question because I believe this is the most balanced field that I have assembled. If there are two or three teams that I think could sneak up on the better known teams I would say La Plata, IDEA and Bladensburg. I would say Westlake but they have proven over time that they can’t be overlooked.

Wilson: What is your message to fans that don’t know about your league, be a salesperson…Why should they come out and check out your league??

Brian: Haha my message would be to come out and check out some great basketball. In this year’s field we have a lot of underrated talent, some guys potentially that will blow up to become Major Division 1 athletes and a concession stand second to none! (Another round of laughter)…But in all seriousness, we have some great teams that compete and get after it. It will be some very entertaining basketball.

Wilson: Where can folks find the weekly schedule and where are the games located?

Brian: Weekday games are held at Clinton Christian Academy and Saturday games are held at IDEA Charter School in NE Washington DC. The schedule can be found on and I also tweet out the daily schedule and game updates. Follow me on twitter @TheRealBdotInge.

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