Two down, three to go on Wizards road trip

The Washington Wizards got fully dismantled last night in Dallas, the Mavericks ran all around, over, and through the Wizards. Dallas made a living in transition off of the countless turnovers (22) by Washington, the Wizards couldn’t get a stop to ever try and climb back into the game. Dallas went on to win 114-87, with Monta Ellis leading the way with 20 points.

While it’s easy to jump on Washington after such a poor performance, keep in mind what and who they have left to face on this trip. Before the blow out in Dallas, the Wizards went into Houston and walked away with an impressive victory. The loss to Dallas was on the second night of a back-to-back, no excuses to be made, simply stating facts.

After two days off, the Wizards will face Oklahoma City and San Antonio on a back-to-back with a day off before finishing the trip in New Orleans. One thing Washington can’t do is have another turnover filled game against the Thunder, the last thing any team wants is to watch Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant get out and thrive in transition, those two are hard enough to deal with in the half court. That matchup between start point guards will be exciting between John Wall and Westbrook both of whom are locks to be All-Stars this year. Durant has been out six games after spraining his right ankle, he’s expected to play tonight against the Phoenix Suns. Which means he’ll have a day of rest before playing his second game after returning, against the Wizards.

Bradley Beal had a huge night against the Rockets, his play was a large reason as to why the Wizards got the victory as he out-dueled James Harden. He, nor anyone else wearing a Wizards uniform had a good night against the Mavericks. He’ll need to be at peak performance if the Wizards wish to beat the Thunder on the road. Beal is a very talented player, the biggest key for him is consistency.

Martell Webster returned to the court for the first time this season, getting minutes against the Mavericks. While his return is surely welcome, it did seem as if he took some of Otto Porter’s minutes. With two back-to-backs on this trip, expect Webster and Porter to get more minutes to keep guys fresh.

No matter the outcome of the Thunder game, the Wizards better be ready for San Antonio. While ‘Pop’ often sits his key guys, the Spurs are a handful no matter who dresses for the game. If guys aren’t sitting out, another great match up between point guards in Tony Parker and John Wall awaits. It’ll take a near perfect performance for Washington to beat San Antonio. After having quite possibly their worst performance of the year in Dallas, there’s no reason as to why they can’t have two great performances in the next 48 hours.

How do you think the Wizards will do by the end of this road trip, will ‘Murderer’s row’ be too much for Washington to overcome?? Leave your thoughts below in the comment section!!

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