Washington gets a ‘football guy’ in the front office

It seems as if the Redskins have landed a ‘great football mind’ and talent evaluator in McCloughan, something they sorely needed is a good general manager. Seattle Seahawks tailback, Penn state Quarterback Michael Robinson was one of the first (if not the first) to break this news:



When that tweet first was released, several if not all were quick to doubt Robinson as a credible source for breaking this type of news. What history does Robinson have with McCloughan you ask? McCloughan is responsible for laying the foundation for two of the NFL’s most talented rosters, the Seahawks and the 49ers. But obviously you can’t just take one person’s account without it being confirmed, well here’s two confirmations by two respected NFL ‘Insiders’.




Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.44.17 PMThis is a  big deal for Washington, they have been largely incompetent in the front office for the last decade. Doubly exciting is the fact that this will be one of the first years in some time in which the Redskins will have their full complement of draft picks. Continuity is important, it’s what keeps successful organizations in contention year after year. While this is a very small step in the large scheme of things, this could go a long way into the Redskins becoming a quality organization again. The GM and coach have to be on the same page in selecting players to fit the schemes, which was an issue in Jay Gruden’s first season as Head Coach. The roster didn’t necessarily fit what they were trying to accomplish on either side of the ball.

The key is the drafts, Washington usually only hits on a player or two, maybe three at most in their draft class. Compare that to teams like the Seahawks, 49ers or Patriots. They are finding quality players, starters in the late rounds. It’s more than just your selections in rounds one and two. Having complete drafts also makes for competition and creates depth, two things the Redskins sorely need right now. They won’t go from a train wreck to the best roster in football in just one year, it will certainly take time. But it never hurts to have a great talent evaluator at the helm, it will go a long way into Washington atoning for all the misses in the past decade.

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