Busy offseason for the Mystics

The Washington Mystics have been busy this month, re-signing Ivory Latta wasn’t the only thing they’ve done recently. They also exercised the fourth year options on Emma Meeseeman and Tayler Hill. The fourth year options allow Washington to retain both players for an additional year after their rookie contracts before extending them to long term deals down the road.

Coach Mike Thibault also announced a few players that would be invited to training camp. Those players being Kalana Greene, Tierra Ruffin-Pratt (TRP) and Kayla Thornton. Greene and TRP both played for the Mystics last season, TRP played more than Greene but both are versatile wings that are hard nosed defenders.

It wouldn’t be a shock if both of them make the roster next year, especially with the departure of Monique Currie. Ruffin-Pratt often was the very first wing off the bench last season, manning the both the shooting guard and small forward positions as Currie did.

Meeseeman is one of Washington’s pillars, the duo of her and Stefanie Dolson showed flashes of brilliance last season. Emma is more of a stretch four, her game is eerily similar to Chris Bosh’s in the sense that she can score from anywhere on the floor as a ‘big’. She’s comfortable on the low block, high post, and beyond the arc. Even showing the ability to put the ball on the floor at times. At times, she showed the ability to dominate on both ends of the floor. She’s only 21 years old, so far from being fully developed. Meeseeman and Dolson currently play for the same team in a Russian league.

Tayler Hill is a three point specialist, she didn’t get a chance to get in a groove on the court due to giving birth. After having her son, she took much of the season to really get back into playing shape. By the end of the year, she was able to come off the bench and give solid minutes. However, she never really looked like she had her legs underneath her. This should be a good bounce back season for her. It’s clear what she brings to the table, every team loves to have shooters and Hill is just that.

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