Case dismissed, no trial for Hardy

Today, Greg Hardy walked out of the Mecklenburg courthouse hoping to finally move on with his life and career. The All-Pro defensive end played in just one game this season before being put on the commissioner’s exempt list due to a domestic violence case. While we may never know what truly happened, the case has officially been dismissed.

With the incident involving the Ray Rice and his then girlfriend Janay, the NFL has finally had to focus on an issue that has been prevalent around the league for years. Domestic violence. While it is certainly a serious issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly, we must remember that people are innocent until proven guilty. As a society once a player is involved in an incident in that realm, they are judged by the court of public opinion before it’s even proven that they are in the wrong. Once again, domestic violence shouldn’t be taken lightly, but we can’t be so quick to condemn before all evidence is presented or the court system runs it’s course.

(Associated Press)
(Associated Press)

Last May, Hardy was arrested and charged with assaulting his then girlfriend Nicole Holder during a party at his home. Holder testified in the (first) trial stating that the attack (from Hardy) left her in the emergency room and fearing for her life.

However, it was Hardy who called 911 stating that Holder was attacking him after going off shortly after finding out that she couldn’t spend the night. The judge in that trial ruled that Hardy was guilty, per North Carolina law, he received an automatic appeal before a jury in a superior court.

That second trial was supposed to start today, only, Holder was nowhere to be found. Per Bleacher Report Jason Cole:

To put Holder’s absence into some perspective, the court hasn’t been able to find her as stated earlier, but:

There are multiple reports stating that Hardy and Holder have come to a settlement, the only thing that would prevent that from going through would be if the prosecutors choose to admit Holder’s testimony from the first trial. According to several reports, that is against the law in North Carolina.

With the case being dismissed, the only thing left is for Hardy to find out his status in the NFL. The league has yet to release a statement, but that could happen at some point this week. The Carolina Panthers also have a tough decision, there has been speculation swirling that Hardy like Haloti Ngata in Baltimore, could become a free agent due to his high cap number if Carolina declines to pay that fee for the upcoming season. If not, Hardy will be on the free agent market 12:01 am Eastern on March 10, 2015.


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