‘The Big Ticket’ comes home

The Minnesota Timberwolves made a trade earlier today, a very simple trade. They acquired forward Kevin Garnett from the Brooklyn Net in exchange for Thaddeus Young. The fifth overall pick in the 1995 draft is returning to the team that drafted him way back then.

Garnett had a no-trade clause and many pundits didn’t count on him accepting a trade to the Wolves. The 38 year old will bring a welcome veteran voice to an extremely young roster. Rubio and Wiggins should benefit from having KG around just as a young Rajon Rondo did. There’s been reports about Garnett wanting to possibly buy the Wolves down the line, but as of today it’s a good opportunity to get a Hall of Famer in a young locker room.

As for the Nets, it helped them shed some payroll. Brooklyn was able to save close to 7.5 million in luxury taxes per Kevin Pelton. It’s also a positive where it matters most, on the court. Young brings some much needed athleticism to the Brooklyn front court. The Nets have had sort of a log jam up front as most of their bigs (including Garnett) are more of the center variety versus power forwards or stretch fours. Young is an energetic forward that can play both the three and the four, a horse on the glass and has the ability to step out and hit a three occasionally.

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