Two Sides of the Coin: DeMarcus Cousins vs Charles Barkley

The All-Star game was the main attraction this past weekend. And the events captivated many like they never have before. New York was an excellent background to what all happened in the NBA’s annual mid-season celebration. But the beef between a former player and a current budding star has taken some of the sizzle out of the game unfortunately. This week, tempers flared again when NBA great Charles Barkley had something to say about Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins and of course, Cousins said his same statement about not having any respect for Barkley. These two get along worse than a mixture of oil and water. Of course many wonder why this is even going on between these two and who is to blame for this one. Well, Eddie and I have decided to take this one on. Check out what Mike had to say.

Cousins is one of the most dominant big men in the NBA. But with his dominance, there is also a fiery competitiveness and temper that can get highly out of control. And as a result of that, there have been moments where he has lost his temper and did some outlandish things on the court. One person that has been paying attention to the antics and issues Cousins has been having is Charles Barkley. The NBA great who is now in the studio for TNT has been critical of Cousins for a while now. He has spoken of issues that he has had with Cousins ever since he was in high school. The most recent issue Barkley has had with Cousins is the coaching hire of George Karl. Cousins has said publicly that he did not have anything to do with the hiring at all. But Barkley was not buying it at all. He was on TNT as usual and he went after Cousins again. He felt like it was bull crap that Cousins had that type of authority to be consulted on who the coach is. But in this instance, maybe Charles will want to get his facts straight.

No doubt that Cousins has earned a lot of criticism during his career. But in this instance, he did nothing wrong. He has been better this season and he is far more concerned with playing the game than wondering who the next coach will be. In this instance, it looks like Charles was looking for a reason to come at Cousins again. Notice that Barkley really has no proof that Cousins was consulted in this coaching hire. But even if he was consulted, Charles must remember that he is the franchise player there. So, what is wrong with consulting your best player who you plan to keep around the team? In the end, it seems as if Charles is just looking for another reason to come at Cousins. And Cousins said what he normally says in saying that he does not respect Charles Barkley. In the end, I believe that both men do not respect each other. Never once have we heard Barkley say anything good about Cousins at all. People tend to make a big fuss about how Cousins reacts to Barkley, but what about how Barkley has reacted to Cousins. Being that Barkley is the older of the two, more should be expected of him in this situation. Being the elder, he should take this time to step to Cousins and squash this mess. Honestly, it is getting out of hand between these two and Barkley holds the cards to end this one. But the truth is, Barkley probably does not want to end this one at all. Going forward, we shall see what happens. But in this instance, Barkley was the instigator and he should end this one.

Eddie had a different perspective on the subject. Check out what he had to say.

It’s no secret that Charles Barkley and DeMarcus Cousins aren’t too fond of one another. This weekend the two once again were quoted for talking about the other. Barkley started it by saying on a TNT broadcast that he doesn’t think Cousins should have been included in the hiring of George Karl as the next coach of the Sacramento Kings. Barkley went further and said it was “bulls—” that Cousins would get so much power from a franchise at such a young age, without paying his dues.

Cousins is arguably the best big man in the NBA. His play this seasons has been great, but the thing with Cousins is his often times childish actions on the court. He has been better this year than in years past, but Barkley isn’t feeling it. Cousins has said publicly that he had no say in the matter of whether or not Karl was hired. Sir Charles didn’t but it and quite frankly, I don’t either. So a franchise that is struggling to be a be a competitive team, with an up-and-coming star in Cousins, isn’t consulting its franchise player? I feel that Barkley is highly critical of Cousins for two reasons. The first being that he wants to see the big man succeed, being that they are both from the state of Alabama. I believe Barkley wants to see the big man dominate the league and is highly critical of him to fire him up. The second reason is that Barkley knows what it takes to earn the leagues respect. Giving such a power – like the hiring/firing of coaches – to a young player, who isn’t always using his head, could be catastrophic to the culture of the team.

The biggest problem I had with the interaction is the fact that Cousins said he doesn’t respect Barkley. Barkley is a top 50 NBA player of all time and has had a ton of success. He is a guy who paved the way for guys like Cousins. Cousins doesn’t have to like or agree with what Charles has to say about him, but to not respect a basketball legend isn’t the right road to take. Should Barkley be less critical of Boogie Cousins? Maybe, but Barkley is on an Emmy Award winning show on a big time network to give his opinions and speak his mind. Cousins should just let Barkley say what he wants to and use it at motivation. In the latest installment of Barkley versus Cousins, I’ll side with Chuck.

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