Dockett, Simpson land in the Bay

The San Francisco 49ers are not remotely near the top of the league in regards to salary cap space, that didn’t stop Trent Balke from making moves. While teams are gearing up for big name players, the 49ers stick to their free agency formula. Bringing in talented players at their price, in some cases, ‘troubled’ players.

A great example of that was last season’s signings of Perrish Cox and Chris Cook or even a few seasons ago when they signed Ahmad Brooks. One of the new additions is a very familiar face around the division, Darnell Dockett  formerly of the Arizona Cardinals. Dockett looks to join a talented defensive line rotation, coming off an ACL injury he’s expected to contribute all along the line. Dockett took a two year deal worth $7.5 million from the 49ers, he’s scheduled to make $4 million in year one of the deal. In terms of guaranteed money, he will make $2 million.

The 49ers typically list their defensive line players as defensive tackles, the reason being that in their 3-4 alignment the players that line up at end often come inside and line up over the center in the dime and nickel or sub packages. San Francisco spends an excessive amount of time in those sub packages, so fresh bodies are important.

His agent broke the news on twitter:

His former teammate Calais Campbell was sad to see his former teammate and defensive line mate leave, especially to a team in the division.

 Dockett stated that he gave the Cardinals several opportunities to match the 49ers offer and that he was willing to take less. The team he drafted obviously felt okay with moving on without him, only time will tell if it was the right decision as he has 40.5 career sacks.. He has a chance to play his former team twice and provide some veteran leadership to an otherwise young defensive line if Justin Smith doesn’t return. 

The second of the two additions was out of football last season, for off the field reasons. Jerome Simpson, formerly of the Vikings took a two year deal with the 49ers to try and resurrect his playing career. After several off the field issues with the Vikings, including reckless driving, open bottle incident and marijuana related arrests, Simpson can ill afford to take another misstep.

It’s been reported, by Paul Gutierrez that Simpson could receive some type of disciplinary action if he does in fact make the 49ers roster this upcoming season. 

In regards to what his addition means on the field, it’s simple really, speed. The 49ers haven’t had a receiver that can challenge a defense vertically since the days of Terrell Owens. It’s really been that long and after the past four years, it’s evident that getting vertical is needed in their offense. It remains to be seen if Simpson is in ‘football’ shape and mind, but if both of those areas check out. San Francisco may have landed a 6’2 jump ball receiver with deep speed, not a bad get at all.

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