Feet fail Durant, out indefinitely

More bad news for Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, Durant is out indefinitely with the curse of the bad foot. Go back in history and you will see that bad feet and big men in the NBA just don’t mix. Bill Walton, Sam Bowie, Yao Ming just to rattle off a few names went through similar issues where their feet kept their seasons and careers from moving forward. Patrick Willis is the most recent athlete to cut his career short due to bad feet although it is a different sport the fact still remains, there really is no real cure for this problem.
So now that the Thunder have announced KD is out indefinitely, what is the next move for the franchise? We have seen many articles, and heard a plethora of rumors from all over the sports world saying OKC will not keep both Westbrook and Durant at this point. With the latest in the KD foot saga, you begin to question will the Thunder make a move when the time comes and is Durant’s injury making a better case for keeping Westbrook.┬áIt would be foolish if this was the case, just last year Durant was the league’s MVP and this year Westbrook is making a statement with his play showing he is just as good. Two weapons that can play together and when healthy can be one of the league’s best one two punches, you have to make it work.
This past summer Kevin Durant decided to pull out of Team USA’s FIBA tournament after the gruesome injury to Paul George in a exhibition game. This was done so Durant could rest his body, and lessen the risk for injury which is completely understandable after witnessing George’s injury up close. The irony is Durant ended up with a Jones fracture in his right foot before the season even began and missed significant time.
In Durant’s first game back he ended up with 27 points on 9-18 from the field, along with three rebounds and assists a piece. Which after missing the first 17 games is a good night. If you look carefully, Durant never really looked comfortable on the floor and it showed even more in the NBA All Star game this year. In that All Star game Durant went 1-6 scoring only 3pts and we all know KD lives for these types of games .Every summer he has played some type of free lance ball where there are plenty of 1 on 1 opportunities and he can showcase his talent. This was not the case this offseason as well as in the All Star game, something just wasn’t right.
Fast forward to March 20, 2015. Thunder General Manager Sam Presti announced that Durant would be removed from all basketball activities after feeling soreness in his foot. This discomfort came from the screw being inserted in his foot from the first procedure back in October and the second procedure in February was to help relieve some of the pain caused by the first procedure, make sense?
This looks to be as if it will be an ongoing problem for Kevin Durant unfortunately and who knows how this will end for him. It would make sense to keep him out the rest of the season so he can simply rest the foot and let it heal completely. The problem is, with forward Serge Ibaka also being out Russell Westbrook is left alone to get this team into the playoffs and win a series or two as well. We all know how much KD loves the game and the amount of basketball he normally plays year round which may have factored into the initial injury as well. I for one am not ready to claim “he’s done” as far as his career is concerned but I understand why this will be a question going forward.

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