Quarterback swap, Bradford and Foles

It’s supposed to be all about free agency today, several teams appear to have missed the memo. The St. Louis Rams have been trying to figure out whether to move on from Sam Bradford for a couple of seasons, the former first round pick has seldom been on the field due to a rash of injuries. In Philadelphia, it’s been clear that no one is safe. Chip Kelly has gotten rid of LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Trent Cole and others over the past two off-seasons. Add Nick Foles to the list as well.

Bradford was taken first overall in the 2010 draft, he’s suffered two ACL injuries that have cause him to stay off the field for significant amounts of time. When healthy, Bradford showed promise and at times looked like the players St. Louis thought they would get with that selection. He should actually be a good fit in Kelly’s system provided they can protect them and keep him upright.

Nick Foles. Just two seasons ago he took the league by storm and folks nationwide wanted to know how teams missed out on him. Kelly looked like a genius that season as the Eagles made the playoffs and Foles avoided turning the ball over on an outrageous level. Now, it appears he’ll be given a chance to continue his growth as a QB down in St. Louis where just him being in the lineup and on the field is not going to be taken for granted. He’ll be inheriting a far better defensive unit than up in Philly, he will have to face some nasty defenses as he’s joining the NFC West.

While the official compensation hasn’t been shared, it’s believed that it will feature several draft picks. Doug Moore believes he has the answer as he shared:

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