Teams being proactive in advance of the open market

The ‘legal’ tampering period began yesterday in which teams all over the league can start talking with the players that are set to hit the market. That also goes for the teams that are trying to retain players that are set to hit the market, that head start can pay dividends if used correctly. Not one transaction can become official until Tuesday at 4 pm Eastern, as that is the start of the 2015 league year. Expect things to start to heat up as Tuesday approaches.

It was just announced via twitter per Josina Anderson and Albert Breer that former Eagle guard, Todd Herremans is joining the Colts on a 1 year deal.

The Green Bay Packers were set to move on from Randall Cobb once it seemed that Cobb wanted to be paid north of $10 million a season. The Packers have done a great job retaining players by giving them below market deals, like Jordy Nelson. Having arguably the best quarterback in the league would have allowed them to go forward with Nelson, Adams, Boykin and whomever they chose to plug in. It seems that winning was important to Cobb as he and the Packers agreed to a four year, $40 million dollar deal.

The New Orleans Saints were able to retain the player they deem the future at running back in Mark Ingram. He proved last season that he is fully capable of being a feature back, more importantly, the feature back for the Saints. He received a four year, $16 million dollar deal to stay in New Orleans. The Saints released a long tenured player in Pierre Thomas just last week.

The Seattle Seahawks are on the verge of losing cornerback Byron Maxwell in free agency, they did however, retain a big piece of the puzzle. The mercurial Marshawn Lynch restructured his deal with the Seahawks, he’ll be getting $12 million this upcoming season. All of which is guaranteed as both the Seahawks and Lynch’s camp don’t believe he’ll be on the team or in the league for that matter in 2016 and 2017. It appears that he simply wanted a raise, so the running back market isn’t bad, depending on who you are.

The New York Jets were in the news last week for acquiring Bears wideout Brandon Marshall for a fifth round pick. One of the other moves done, on the same day, was retaining the services of middle linebacker David Harris. Gang Green didn’t want the 31 year old to hit the open market in a few days, he played every down for the Jets. Deservingly so, Harris received a three year $21.5 million dollar deal in which $15 million is guaranteed.

The Houston Texans have been busy as well, keeping two of their pieces off the market. They re-signed starting right tackle Derek Newton to a five year $26.5 million dollar deal, $10 million of which is guaranteed. On the defensive side of the ball, they were able to keep cornerback Kareem Jackson in Houston for at least the next four years.


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