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WrestleMania 31 Preview and Predictions

It’s that time of year again as WrestleMania is this Sunday! While the build-up for the show hasn’t been all that intriguing, I’m very excited for this card and how everything pans out. Brock Lesnar re-signing with the WWE adds a whole lot more intrigue to the biggest professional wrestling show of the year. Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers will play host to the 31st annual WrestleMania. You can watch this live on the WWE Network for just $9.99.
WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) vs Roman Reigns

This storyline has lacked a little bit due to the fact that Brock Lesnar appears on WWE television very rarely. His advocate, Paul Heyman has done a wonderful job speaking on behalf of Lesnar. Roman Reigns has been improving as of late, but the fans aren’t on board with him possibly being the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. This feud really lacked any real substance until Lesnar appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Tuesday to announce he is retiring from MMA and has re-signed with the WWE. There are now countless amount of scenarios as to what could potentially happen at Levi Stadium this Sunday. Will Lesnar continue his dominance and keep the belt now that he’s signed for the next three years? Will there be a double-switch with Lesnar turning into a baby face and Reigns turning into a heel? What role will Paul Heyman play in the match?

Prediction: Before the ESPN announcement, I thought it was a sure thing that Reigns would win as the company is positioning him to be the next top guy. Now, I feel differently about it. The only way Reigns wins is if he aligns himself with Heyman, which I don’t see happening just yet. Lesnar will hoist the big Samoan up for an F5 for the pin and the win.
Brock Lesnar

WWE United States Championship
Rusev (c) vs John Cena

I felt this match was had too soon at last month’s FastLane pay-per-view, but nonetheless we get it again on the biggest stage. The fact that a lot of people are talking about the U.S Title is something that is good for the WWE as the title has lacked its prestige for quite some time. With the biggest name in the company challenging for it, it makes the belt that much more elevated and important. Rusev has been a force to be reckon with since his debut last year. The only thing missing from the feud over the past couple of weeks is Rusev’s manager, the Ravishing Russian, Lana, who is away filming a movie for WWE studios. She will be at WrestleMania this Sunday. Win or lose, Rusev is a made man.

Prediction: I would absolutely love to see Rusev retain his title and I feel that should happen, but it will not. If the WWE is serious about making the mid-card titles actually mean something, Cena is the perfect guy for that. Cena will deliver an Attitude Adjustment for the 1-2-3 and the U.S. title.
John Cena

WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match
Wade Barrett (c) vs Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler vs Stardust vs Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper vs R-Truth

The storyline behind this match is not one I’ve been a fan of. I don’t want to see a bunch of grown men playing keep away with a title that used to be considered the stepping stone to the World Title. Ever since Barrett returned and won the IC strap, he’s been booked so poorly. This match will likely be a big spot-fest and I’m okay with that. I can see and make a case for four of the participants in this match. Why R-Truth is involved is beyond me.

Prediction: The winner of this match will try and bring prestige back to the title. WWE wants more attention on the mid-card belts. I can see either Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan or Wade Barrett winning this match. Expect to see a lot of high-spots (no pun intended) during this match. I would love to see Barrett retain, but don’t see that happening. The WWE Universe is strongly behind Daniel Bryan and in this match, so am I. He will do the “Yes!” chant a top of the ladder with the belt.
Daniel Bryan

“The Game” HHH vs “The Icon” Sting

After all these years, Sting will not only get a match in WWE, but also a WrestleMania moment. He and Triple H are the perfect pairing to execute a grudge match like this. My only issue with this storyline is the fact that Sting got the upper-hand on HHH every time he appeared on WWE television. I feel that HHH should have gotten the better of Sting at least once. For all the years of wanting Sting vs the Undertaker, this is a great replacement to that match.

Prediction: I see this being a well-executed and thought out match. Sting has previously said in interviews he always wanted to get in the ring with HHH and now he has that opportunity. HHH’s Terminator entrance will be quite the spectacle to watch. However, after a 15-20 minute match, I see Sting dropping HHH with the Scorpion Death Drop for the win. Don’t expect this feud to be over this Sunday.

Bray Wyatt vs the Undertaker

Last year at WrestleMania XXX, wrestling fans across the world were shocked when Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker, this ending his perfect 21-0 streak at WrestleMania. This year, fans did not know whether to expect the Undertaker on the card or not. He is on the card against one of the future stars of the industry in Bray Wyatt. The Undertaker has not appeared on WWE television since last year’s WrestleMania, but Wyatt has done a tremendous job in carrying the feud without the presence of the Dead Man.

Prediction: If the WWE is serious about pushing Wyatt, now is the time to do so on the grandest stage of them all. The Undertaker does not need to win this match, as his legacy is set in stone. I feel this match will be very methodical and hard-hitting. After various choke slams, tombstone piledrivers and Sister Abigail’s, Wyatt will connect with one final kiss from Sister Abigail, thus defeating the Undertaker clean in the middle of the ring. If the Undertaker emerges as victorious, look for Wyatt to give him a severe beating after the match.
Bray Wyatt

Divas Tag Team Match
Nikki and Brie Bella vs Paige and AJ Lee

AJ wanted the WWE to #GiveDivasAChance and now she gets her wish. The timing of AJ’s return couldn’t have come at a better time for this division. The pairing of her and Paige taking on the Bella’s is something I’m actually interested in watching. The women have been given more time in the ring, something the fans aren’t used to seeing as of late.

Prediction: If this match is given 10-15 minutes, all involved will elevate the entire division. The Bella’s have been causing misery for the division for quite some time now. The odd-pairing of AJ and Paige is one that works extremely well. Hopefully after this, we can see AJ and Paige in a feud for the Divas Championship. After some miscommunication from the twins, Paige locks in the PTO (Paige Tap Out) for the victory over Brie Bella.
Paige and AJ Lee


Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins


This feud was not booked well from the start in my opinion. We already saw Orton manhandle and beat down Rollins a few weeks ago. Why would I want to watch something where the retribution already took place?


Prediction: Win or lose, Rollins is set as he holds the Money in the Bank briefcase. After some outside interference from J&J Security, Rollins hits the Curb Stomp for the victory.

Seth Rollins

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

There are multiple participants in this battle royal, which is a nice way for WWE to get everyone on the roster on the card.

Prediction: The winner will come down to one of four people: Mark Henry, Ryback, the Miz or Damian Mizdow. I see Ryback getting rid of Henry, then Miz and Mizdow will team up to eliminate the Big Guy. Miz will order Mizdow to eliminate himself, causing Mizdow to finally snap. After acting like he will eliminate himself, Mizdow will then eliminate Miz for the victory. Look for a matchup between the two on Raw the next night, as the post-WrestleMania Raw crowds have a mind of their own and will pop huge for Mizdow.
Damian Mizdow

WWE Tag Team Title Fatal Four Way
Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (c) vs The Uso’s vs Los Matadores vs New Day

The WWE doesn’t really care about the tag team division and quite frankly, outside of the current champs and the Usos, I don’t either. I don’t want to see Los Matadores on my television set. The New Day could be good, but the WWE doesn’t care enough about them to make me care. The Usos are fun to watch, but we’ve seen the same thing over and over and over again. Now Jey Uso is hurt, eliminating the Uso’s from contention. Cesaro and Kidd make a great tag team, but have nobody to really feud with.

Prediction: Kidd and Cesaro need to win this match and I think they will. Chaos will ensue with all four teams, but in the end, Kidd and Cesaro retain the straps. Now, who can they feud with?
Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

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