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‘You know what you’re getting with Houston, no mater what coach comes in there’

The Black-and-Red have officially moved on from their last game, a draw against the New York Red Bulls. Coach Ben Olsen addressed the media after Tuesday’s practice about several topics including the next opponent, National team call-ups, and much more.

The Dynamo are coming off their most impressive win of this season, a 3-0 victory over the Montreal Impact. Houston is now 2-2-2 on the season, they have had success against DC in the past, but lost their last meeting in 2014. We’ll have more on the Dynamo later this week in the game preview, but here’s what Olsen had to say during his time with the media.

What the team worked on in practice

A little bit of everything, just trying to get better. Day after day, game after game. Trying to improve, incorperate some guys coming back in.

Not the result we wanted after being up 2-0, but we’re looking at it as it was a result none the less. That’s three results in a row, makes this weekend’s game that much more important to get three points.

On if he’s had a chance to look at Houston

Seen a little bit of them, next few days we’ll really narrow in on them and what they’re about. But we know their personnel, for the most part. Tactically they’re a little bit different then they were last year. We’ll have to get into that, I know they just won 3-0. So, we’ll see. You know what you’re getting with Houston, no mater what coach comes in there. It’s a battle.

On the performance against the Red Bulls

I liked the performance overall, against New York. We just didn’t manage the game down the stretch in the way we would have liked. A lot of positives.

On Bill Hamid and Perry Kitchen being called up to the United States National team

It’s great, anytime any of our guys get to go in with the full team, I think it’s a great thing. In Mexico, the game is even better. They’re a lot of fun, they’re special. Every time we play Mexico, they’re special events and hopefully they get to be a part of it.

On releasing both players for a non FIFA game and whether that played a factor in agreeing to release them to join the national team

We don’t have a midweek game and I don’t know what Jurgen’s plans are. If they’re both playing 90 minutes, we have some things to think about. For the most part, I’m assuming Perry will be in some reserve role and it’s a great experience for both of them. We’re pretty good about letting guys go to their national teams.

Final thoughts on Red Bulls match after a couple of days have passed (watched on tape)

 It’s about what I thought, looking at it again. Pretty good performance for us overall, some of the things we wanted to fix and work on. We’re there, got some performances from some guys, some guys who I thought had the best performances of their year. Rolfe being one of them and Perry, I thought Bobby probably had his best performance. So there was a lot of good, but the way we managed the game wasn’t good. We gave one up on a set piece and then didn’t see it out in the end,  we got to make a play or two to make sure we’re out of there with a 2-1 victory. But we didn’t, and we move on. They’re a good team, they throw a lot of numbers at you, being aggressive. Unfortunately we weren’t able to be clean enough on the other end in some of our breaks. I think that game could have been, we could have had three, four goals that game if we were a little sharper in the final third.

On the return of Fabian Espindola

Fabi’s back next week. He’s training every day, doing a little bit of extra with the fitness. But we’ll start to incorporate him slowly into this and make sure he’s revved up, he’ll be ready to go. I think he’s a little tired of training right now. I think he’s sensing it, that it’s coming to an end. He’s going to start each day, try and take his level to where it needs to be so that he’s ready against Vancouver to see some time. Obviously he’s not 90 minutes fit. He’s certainly going to be a nice option to have in two weeks.

On Hamid’s growing reputation and profile, if teams will be actively seeking him when the transfer window opens

I’m not sure, Dave takes those calls. He’s a very good goal keeper, he’s one of the best goal keepers in this league. I’m sure there are a few teams out there that would like his services, we also would like his services. We’ll see how that goes.

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