Seahawks make Wilson 2nd highest paid quarterback, others looking for new deals

The Seattle Seahawks offseason long struggle to sign quarterback Russell Wilson to an extension has come to an end, they two sides came to a resolution earlier today per Sports Illustrated’s Peter King. It was later confirmed by Adam Schefter and several Seattle beat writers, Wilson will be the Seahawks signal caller for the next five years at least. Wilson was drafted in the third round in 2012 and won a Super Bowl just two seasons ago then followed it up with another Super Bowl run where his Hawks fell to a Patriot team after a Wilson interception in the redzone ended the game.

Throughout the offseason, Wilson’s worth was hotly debated by any and all that watched the NFL. From fans to analysts, pundits, anonymous execs and more, everyone had something to say. Wilson reportedly stated that he wanted to be the highest paid at his position in the league, Seattle had offered him a contract paying him $21 million a season and he turned it down. Things began to look bleak with the deadline approaching, but it got done.

 It appears that Wilson got his wish or at last close to it as he’s essentially making the same money as Aaron Rodgers per year. Now comes the hard part for the Seahawks, it’s hard to keep teams together as is. It’s even harder if there’s not a respect amongst all players and what they fell their worth, Bobby Wagner is still looking for his extension and it’s been reported in the last 48 hours that Seattle safety Kam Chancellor is no longer content with his deal that he signed two season’s ago.

It’s expected that some players will have to take less to keep a team together, most knew Seattle would be facing some tough decisions around this time a few years ago. It was inevitable, but the Chancellor issue is interesting. The front office, whether they know it or not has set an interesting and dangerous precedent. This is the second player that has essentially demanded their price and won, the first being Marshawn Lynch before the start of last season and now Russell Wilson. Kam took a below market deal the last go round, like Marshwn a year ago, he feels that he’s worth more than what he was given. With the current health of Earl Thomas (not sure if he’ll be ready for Week 1 of the regular season), Seattle can’t really afford to not have Kam on the field.  Chancellor’s not alone in wanting a new deal, as steady defensive lineman Michael Bennett would like a new deal a well.

So that will play out over the next few days or weeks, but that still leaves Bobby Wagner in the air. His ominous tweet earlier today doesn’t sound good, it may not pertain to him, but think about Chancellor and others when reading this.

 While that’s true, the salary cap is expected to go up in the coming seasons, but that precedent that the front office set could be catastrophic. Only time will tell, but it happens to good teams all the time. A quick example is their formal rivals in the Bay, as they’ve gone through a mass exodus per several national media narratives. It’s never easy to lose core pieces and extremely hard to keep everyone happy on a team full of talent.

The key here is how the Seahawks are built, they are built to run the ball and play great defense. Unless of course this is the year they transition to Russell carrying more of a load offensively, then maybe that old formula might not matter at much and casualties won’t seem as large. But if that’s not the case and their formula for victory is the same, how will everyone view Wilson’s contract? Especially if one of the high profile players from that stellar defense is not retained.

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