Cousins takes advantage of opportunity, checks several boxes in win over Ravens

The Washington Redskins took on the Baltimore Ravens Saturday night in M&T Bank stadium in Baltimore, it was the “important’ Week 3 of preseasson, the “dress rehearsal” so to speak. With all of the confusion taking place in Washington this past week in regards to Robert Griffin III, this game felt a bit bigger than it should have been for exactly those reasons. Cousins performance wasn’t perfect, but it was leaps and bounds ahead of what was seen by the first team offense in the previous two contests.

The Washington fan base has taken sides in the past few years, siding with either RG3 or Cousins and sometimes even Colt McCoy as to who is the best fit for this team. Robert struggled mightily last week, some due to All-Pro left tackle Trent Williams not playing and some of it being his own fault by not getting rid of the ball. However you may choose to interpret last week’s performance, there was marked improvement in last night’s win and a lot of it had to do with the play of the quarterback that started the game.

Cousins is 1-7 as a starter in his career, but has never had the opportunity to start a preseason game until Saturday night. He didn’t start well, Terrell Suggs intercepted a screen pass on one of their first few series. Kirk has been known to go by the wayside after committing a turnover, last night he showed that he has the mental fortitude to fight through it. He rebounded well after the turnover, settling down and really moving the offense. While he may not be as explosive or have the upside of Griffin, he is better than Robert in one key area at this point and for Gruden it’s what matters most. He’s very comfortable in the pocket, Cousins was aware of the rush and poised for most of the night.

He displayed good fundamentals last night, rarely throwing off the back foot and he didn’t get sacked. His internal clock was on point as there were several times that he got rid of the ball just as a free rusher closed in to make contact. Cousins was the orchestrator of a masterful two minute drill, the impressive part of it was the timing on which the ball was coming out. Those watching could actually see what Gruden’s offense could do and could evaluate some of the other players on offense.

Kirk went 20 of 27 for 190 yards with a touchdown and interception, despite his performance the Redskins have yet to name a starter for Week 1 when the host the Miami Dolphins. There’s a ton of speculation that Washington is ready to move on from RG3 whether it be through trade or him being cut. Either way, Cousins has put himself in a good position and definitely showed what he can bring to the table to the coaching staff and all of those that tuned in.


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