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Tempers flare during Redskins- Texans joint practice

The Washington Redskins and Houston Texans got into a major scuffle on Saturday in Richmond on the last day of their three-day joint practices, resulting in both teams practicing on separate fields.


“They came out here trying to be tough guys today, but it didn’t work” – Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker


According to reports, there were fights on two different fields with punches thrown on both sides. “We were in the run game and we feel they were being overly aggressive, so we got aggressive back and things happened,” Niles Paul said.

DeAngelo Hall said a Houston coach told him that the Texans were upset because rookie running back Matt Jones ran over Texans cornerback Kevin Johnson at the end of a run. Paul was happy with the competitive spirit of his team. “I’m proud of how aggressive we were,” Paul said. “Everyone came and had each other’s back, even when the defense got into it. We all ran to each other’s side. Obviously we can’t do that in a game because everyone would get fined and suspended, but we did what were supposed to do as a team. You could see us coming together.”

Washington played Houston last year in the regular season opener and lost, 17-6.

The Redskins aren’t scheduled to face Houston again in the regular season until 2018.

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