Beast Mode shows support for the absent member of the Legion of Boom

The Seattle Seahawks will start this season without one of the key members of their secondary, the Legion will be missing it’s “Boom” in Week 1 as Kam Chancellor and the Seahawks have yet to come to an agreement. Dan Hellie of NFL Network shared a report within the last 24 hours on the issues between both parties, here’s an excerpt from the report.

“He is willing to meet Seattle halfway and that the two sides are less than $1 million apart. He said he’s not looking for new money, but wants salary currently allocated for the 2017 season to be moved to 2016.” – Dan Hellie, NFL Network

There’s been several reports saying that the Seahawks front office don’t want to make this happen due to the precedent that it would set, but Kam isn’t the first player to ask for more money or for money to be moved from future years into a current year. Just last year, they did the same with Marshawn Lynch. It seems the front office is worried about Wagner, Sherman, and Earl possibly doing the same thing in a couple of years as Kam is only halfway through the extension he signed. That is fair to wonder and definitely a concern, but from Hellie’s report it seems that Chancellor is asking more of what they did for Marshawn rather than a bunch more guaranteed money.

“Petty” was the word the physical safety used to define the current situation with Seattle’s brass. The man of very few words is in his teammate’s corner as Marshawn Lynch was seen in practice today wearing the absent safety’s jersey. Chancellor posted this to his instagram account a short while ago. Back on August 2nd, the most loquacious member of the Legion of Boom had this to say.

“He’s taking a stand and I support him, whenever you take a stand like this, you don’t get a lot of support from the fans because of how the fans feel like about honoring contracts. But we understand this business.” – Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks


While is easy for the media to make a bigger deal about this than it is, it’s nothing more than business. Hopefully it comes to a head sooner than later, not sure how many games Seattle wants to play with out “Bam Bam” roaming around and dropping that hammer in the secondary.

My mans always stay 100. Preciate the support. real recognize real.. #NoHollywood #WeKnowTheTruth #AlwaysGotMyBack

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