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Previews and Predictions for the 2015 NFL Season

The 2015 NFL season is finally back after the reigning, defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots raised another banner and defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 28-21. Of course, after Deflategate, the game came with some “controversy” towards the Patriots as the headsets for both teams were malfunctioning, but wasn’t a factor in the game. It seems like so long ago where we could just discuss what happened in the game itself and not all the other meaningless nonsense that gets covered. I digress. That game came down to the Patriots having Rob Gronkowski and the Steelers not having anyone to cover him. The best part about the start of a new season is that all 32 teams have a clean slate and a shot to hoist the Lombardi Trophy after the Super Bowl. Here’s how I see the 2015 season panning out…

AFC East
1. Patriots- Tom Brady is on a mission to stick it to Roger Goodell and the NFL after all the Deflategate nonsense. He could very well be the MVP. Also, New England has a Gronk.
2. Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill is going to have a monster season and Lamar Miller will rush for over 1,000 yards. Don’t forget their defense improved with the likes of Ndamukong Suh.
3. Bills- Rex Ryan inherits a great defense and also has an elite running back in LeSean McCoy. Rex loves to pound the football and have an extraordinary defense. He has both and also has a quarterback who can run the read option in rookie Tyrod Taylor.
4. Jets- The defense of the Jets will be one of the top five in football this season and their offense will be good enough to win close games. This division might have all four teams with close to or better than .500 records.

NFC East
1. Cowboys- Tony Romo and Dez Bryant will be the best 1-2 punch in the league this season. The defense will be surprisingly good as well.
2. Giants- Eli Manning will be out to prove that he is worth the $84 million he just signed for. With weapons like Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz, Manning will be good for the next few seasons.
3. Eagles- I just don’t trust the health of Sam Bradford. Simple as that.
4. Redskins- This is one giant mess in the Nation’s Capital and it will be a very long season in D.C.

AFC North
1. Steelers- The Steelers will bounce back from the opening night loss to New England in a big way. Roethlisberger and Brown are a dynamic duo and then you add in Le’Veon Bell in the mix and that an explosive offense.
2. Ravens- We will see how Joe Flacco fairs without Torey Smith. Steve Smith Sr. will go out with a bang as he plans to retire at the end of the season.
3. Bengals- AJ Green is a top-five receiver but his quarterback, Andy Dalton, is just not good enough even with Green.
4. Browns- The defense will keep them in games, but can the offense score enough points to win close games?

NFC North
1. Packers- Even without Jordy Nelson, Aaron Rodgers will be his usual self, finding new targets to throw to. This is a top-three team in the NFC that will have a shot at going to the Super Bowl.
2. Lions- The Lions will do fine offensively with Mathew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, but can the defense do its part?
3. Vikings- This team could very easily finish ahead of the Lions for second place. With Adrian Peterson back and Teddy Bridgewater on the rise, this team will be in the playoff hunt.
4. Bears- Chicago has Jay Cutler, who is what he is.

AFC South
1. Colts- Andrew Luck and company are way better than the other three teams in this division. Luck will look to lead this team back to the AFC Championship game, but with a different outcome from a season ago.
2. Texans- When J.J. Watt can do a lot of things for your football team, on both sides of the ball, you will be in games.
3. Jaguars- This may come as a surprise, but Jacksonville will have a pretty decent defense along with Blake Bortles, who is going to have a quality season.
4. Titans- Marcus Mariota will show glimpses, but will suffer from rookie struggles. This team just does not have enough pieces to do anything this season. Another top-five pick coming their way.

NFC South
1. Falcons- Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will lead this team back to the top of the division.
2. Saints- Drew Brees lost a lot of weapons, but will make up for it with what he has now.
3. Buccaneers- Jameis Winston will win Rookie of the Year and will benefit from having Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson to throw to.
4. Panthers- Luke Kuechly will lead the defense, but Cam Newton will struggle with the receivers he has after injury to Kelvin Benjamin.

AFC West
1. Broncos- Peyton Manning will lead this team to possibly one last division title, but won’t like the results in the playoffs.
2. Chiefs- This team has the ability to overtake the Broncos and win the division behind running back Jamaal Charles. That defense is pretty good as well.
3. Chargers- Philip Rivers will have a pretty good season like he always does, but this team does not have enough to compete with the top-two teams in the division.
4. Raiders- Aldon Smith and Khalil Mack rushing quarterbacks? That’s a scary combo, but they are still the Raiders.

NFC West
1. Seahawks- Defense will be top-not even without Kam Chancellor. Russell Wilson also has a new target in Jimmy Graham to throw to. This team will contend for a Super Bowl.
2. Cardinals- I believe that (if) Carson Palmer can stay healthy and have himself a season. Their defense is extremely talented.
3. Rams- St. Louis has arguably the best front four in all of football, but this offense is missing something.
4. 49ers- This team was depleted defensively due to various reasons, and their offense isn’t all that great. Tough season ahead for Colin Kaepernick and company.

I see the Dolphins, Chiefs, Giants and Cardinals will make the postseason via the Wild Card.

MVP- Tom Brady

NFC Championship Game
Cowboys over Seahawks

AFC Championship Game
Patriots over Steelers

Super Bowl
Patriots over Cowboys

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