Redskins vs Giants: Rivalry renewed

The late game Blues. It’s safe to say that the NFC has had its share of problems in the first two weeks. The New York Giants however, have arguably had the toughest time in the media after highly scrutinize handling of the late game clock. In week one vs the Cowboys, the Giants blew an all but insurmountable late game lead. Up 23-13 in the fourth with all momentum on their side, the Giants manage to do everything imaginable to give Dallas an opportunity to win. After a questionable decision by the Giants to throw the ball under two minutes left to go in the game, the clock was stopped and this gave Dallas enough time for a heroic touchdown drive to win the game 26-27. All is forgiven right? Things happen, im sure next time will be different… The following week, the Giants had a late game lead vs the Atlanta Falcons and seemed to unravel late in a very similar way. They loss that match up 24-20 and now many people are beginning to question the leadership of QB Eli Manning and head coach Tom Caughlin. This puts immense pressure on this Thursday match up vs the Redskins.

The surging Skins?  It might be a little much to say these Skins are surging after losing in week one and getting a victory against a Rams team who is still trying to find its own identity, but there is definitely some these to be excited about. The play of Kirk Cousin has been somewhat inconsistent and should not have surprised anyone as he has shown his level of potential before and struggled with his consistency. Can he put together a string of high quality football? The running game has been very consistent on the other hand and with the emergence of Matt Jones things will only get better. Alfred Morris rushed for 121 yards and Jones carried for 123, must be nice to have a 1-2 punch like that to help Kirk settle in a little more.  The defense has stepped up this year and seems to be balanced but Thursday will be a great test.

The rivalry.. Aside from the Cowboys, the New York Giants are the most hated team by most Redskins fans and the feeling is mutual from the Giants fans. The Redskins’ fan base has not forgotten about last year’s 45-14 brutal beat down either, so the Skins should have even more of a chip on their shoulder. The history does not just start there, this rivalry is actually the oldest rivalry in the NFC east, dating back to 1932. These teams are both storied franchises with many prideful fans, and even if your are a fan of neither team, you can still tune in Thursday night and enjoy the action as these two teams battle.

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