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One former, two current Wizards make the bottom half of SI’s Top 100

Another year, another list for Wizards fans and players to break down. Sports Illustrated is sharing their list of the top 100 players in the NBA,  about 45 minutes ago they shared rankings 100-51. Two current Wizards mad the list and one former player were listed between this range, wonder if any references to this list will be made at media day in a couple of weeks?

Listed at 71 was former Wizards small forward Paul Pierce, the “Truth” only spent one season in Washington before becoming a Clipper this offseason. The 17-year veteran has aged pretty well, then again his game always had a “refined” feel to it even as a youngster. Who knows how much is left in the tank, but the future Hall of Famer is expected to produce on the wing in L.A.

The two current Wizards were listed back-to-back, Marcin Gortat was ranked at 63. The Washington starting center has been one of the better centers in the league, not talking top five, but easily one of the better starting five-men in the league. He’s a great rim runner although Washington doesn’t us him nearly enough in this regard, he’s also a solid defender and rebounder. Last season, Gortat averaged 12 points and just under nine rebounds (8.8), and just over a block per game.

One half of Washington’s dynamic backcourt came in at 62 on the list, Bradley Beal. The sweet shooting youngster hasn’t always been used to peak efficiency in Washington’s offense, think of the way Klay Thompson is used. Shooting from deep or getting to the rim, not too much in-between game. Beal shoots a ton of long-two point shots, even though he’s a good three point shooter (40%). He has enough handle to get to the basket, and showed a bit of an alpha streak (23.4 ppg) when Wall went down in the playoffs last season. He’s still extremely young, he and Washington have yet to come to terms on a max contract. Many expect the team to see how he performs this upcoming season before the deal is made.

Again, just a list and nothing more. What do you think though, are you okay with their rankings or did SI get it dead wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!!

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