What to take away from Redskins season opener


If you are a Redskins fan, chances are you are budgeting for a new TV after throwing your remote into the screen. The late game interception by Brice McCain at the MIA 2 yard line ended a promising drive by the Redskins. The question now is, did it also end the promise of a progressive season?

5 things to take away from Sunday’s Loss

  1. The health of DeSean Jackson. On the first play of the second drive for the Redskins, DeSean Jackson stretched out for a deep pass along the right side of the field. The pass was an overthrow by Kirk Cousins and Jackson appeared to have pulled a hamstring. Of course this is of great concern to the team as Jackson is undoubtedly the most lethal asset on the roster. This is especially alarming after Jackson missed the entire preseason with a grade 2 separated shoulder. Head coach Jay Gruden said post game that Jackson will have an MRI on the hamstring.
  2. QB controversy? Kirk Cousins’ day could be viewed two ways. Either you are excited at the flashes of potential he continues to display or you are saying, “Hey, what about that other guy?”. Most of Washington is over the Soap Opera that RG III seems to have follow his antics, but with him being cleared for contact after this loss makes you wonder what the future holds. The staff seems to be set on Kirk Cousins in the near future but for how long?
  3. The Defense. The quick start was a wonderful feeling for any Redskins fan and should not be forgotten about. The defense held the Dolphins scoreless in the first quarter 10-0 and 10-7 at half. The special teams gave up a 69 yard punt return by Jarvis Landry and that prove to be the difference. The defense only allowed one touchdown by the Dolphins and this is a positive and hopefully a sign of things to come.
  4. Alfred in Mid-season form. With 2014 being Alfred Morris’ least productive season, many wondered how he would begin things this year. It is now obvious that he plans on returning to rookie form as he rushed for 121 yards on 25 carries. With the quarterback situation still very much unstable and the recent injury to DeSean Jackson, Alfred Morris will likely be heavily depended upon. He seems to be more than capable of the responsibility.
  5. Forbath replaced. Kai Forbath missed a 46 yard field goal in Sunday’s loss, Monday he was no longer apart of the roster. Forbath will be replaced by former Bills and Saints kicker Dustin Hopkins. Forbath has been 88% in his three seasons there and was 24-27 in 2014. This brings forth a bigger issue in Washington. The culture in Washington seems to be suffering symptoms of the blame game. Forbath is just the most recent player to feel the wrath. His replacement Dustin Hopkins has not kicked a regular season field goal in his two year experience.

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