Impact Players from Week 4 Action

Two players have arose from the depths of the average and mediocre, and have made an impact that got their teams a win in week 4. Both of their teams came into week 4 looking for win after losing the previous weeks, and these two player stepped up and put on a great performance.


It took this player a little time and a sickness to get some recognition, but Chris Ivory’s performance on Sunday has earned him a spot on the list of impact players for week 4. After missing last week’s games against the Philadelphia Eagles due to an injury, Ivory recovered and helped his team win in London. Last week the team had 47 rushing yards without their starting running back versus the 207 rushing yards they compiled this week. This goes to show the impact that he has when he is on the field.

Of the New York Jet’s 207 total rushing yards, with his 29 carries Ivory had 166 yard of the total yards to himself. These stats have put him at the top of week 4’s rushing leaders list. What is interesting is that Ivory alone rushed for more yards than five teams that played this week.

Can Chris Ivory do it again? Well seeing that his next opponent is against a tough Washington Redskins defense, which only allows 139 yards per game, he will have his work cut out for him. He will have time to recuperate before facing the Skins in week 6. We have seen what he can do while he is sick, imagine if he is healthy.


First Tom Brady, now Drew Brees has accomplished the big achievement of throwing for 400 career touchdowns. It was like a scene in a movie, Brees got his 400th touchdown in overtime after the New Orleans Saints missed a field goal at the end of the fourth quarter. This fashionable and necessary win over the Dallas Cowboys, was the team’s first of the season.

Brees had a record setting night. Not only did he throw his 400th career TD pass, but of the four other quarterbacks that claim this feat, he did it the fastest (205 games). In the same night he also became the third quarterback to reach 5,000 completions, placing him alongside Peyton Manning and Brett Farve. Brees completed 33-of-41 for 359 yards, two touchdowns and a 119.4 passer rating, his impact helped lead his team past the Cowboys.

Coming into Week 5 Brees will face an inconsistent defense in Philadelphia Eagles, so expect to see a more confident Saint’s offense. An overtime victory, especially when it is the first win of year, can really boost a team’s ego. Could this be the turning point of the season for the Saints?

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