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5 Takeaways from the Wizards season opening win

1. John Wall and Bradley Beal are primed to lead the Wiz

One particular moment that stood out was when John Wall barked at his teammates for a lack effort in transition defense. Such an act isn’t unique or profound in everyday basketball, but it was an example of the leadership that Wall is assuming in his sixth season, particularly after the departure of Paul Pierce. Meanwhile, on the court, Wall and Beal led by example, combining for 46 points and making crucial plays when it mattered most.


2. Defense is a work in progress, but simultaneously encouraging

Its tough to give max effort on the defensive end when conducting a high octane offense, but the Wizards must find a healthy balance if the team is to be successful. After a bad defensive first quarter, the Wizards looked more crisp and attentive on that end, which indicates their capability. The Magic ended the game only shooting 37% from the field, in part because of the Wizards defensive prowess.


3. Coach Wittman deserves credit

You can’t help but commend coach after completely overhauling his system and being flexible. Though its early, the Wizards look like they’ll continue growing more comfortable in this system. Coach Wittman is diversifying lineups and valuing spacing, which is a far cry from his previous years as coach.


4. The 3-point shot isn’t a strong suit

The Wizards shot an abysmal 25% from the 3-point line tonight. Rasual Butler and Paul Pierce were two of the best high volume deep shooters last season for the Wizards, but both are gone now. Until Jared Dudley returns, Brad Beal is probably the only above average threat from deep for the Wizards. This will be key in how far they advance come playoff time.


5. John Wall’s defensive potential is truly special

Wall has always shown ability to dominate on the defensive end in stretches. He just needed to work on continuously giving effort and holding himself as well as others accountable. In tonight’s game, he certainly looked the part, as he was fully engaged and tallied 5 blocks and 3 steals.

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