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Takeaways from Wizards Preseason Debut

The NBA preseason is finally underway for the Washington Wizards and with the return of actual NBA basketball comes our first chance to get a glimpse of the 2015-2016 Washington Wizards. The Wizards soundly defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 129-95 in a game that was fairly competitive in the first half. Despite it being a preseason game for the Wizards their are a few very promising things for the Wizards to take away from this game.


  • Kris Humphries starting over Nene: In a sign that the Wizards are truly committed to spacing the floor the Wizards went with Humphries over Nene. Early on the 76ers were happy to allow Humphries to stay behind the three point line, until he was able to convert two of the four threes he attempted. Until he is able to prove that he can make the three at a decent clip most teams will continue to leave him alone out there.


  • Wizards are pushing the ball: The Wizards looked to push the ball after makes and misses, once early in the game after a miss John Wall was able to hit Bradley Beal with a long pass before the 76ers could get back.


  • Otto Porter: It appears that Otto Porter is more than ready to take over the starting small forward position from the now Clipper Paul Pierce. Porter looked extremely confident on the floor, and he showed that all-around game that once made him the third pick in the draft. Many Wizards fans hoped Porter could be a decent 3-and-D guy this season, but Porter could end up being that and more if this preseason game is any indication of what Porter can be.


  • Turnovers: It’s only the preseason but the Wizards looked sloppy at times with the ball during this game. And I realize it was against a 76ers team that was one of the best in the league at creating turnovers, but still if the Wizards want to play faster they are going to have to take care of the ball.


  • Welcome to the Modern NBA Wizards: Last season it was normal to see Wizards fans complain about this team and the lack of three point shooting. In fact they ranked 27th in the league in three pointers attempted per game at 16 attempts per game, tonight they shot 26 threes.

The Wizards have six more preseason games until the start of the regular season on Oct. 28th against the Orlando Magic. Today showed a lot of promise, displaying some of the subtle changes several beat writers have brought up to this point. Again, just one game. We look forward to Oubre’s debut in the preseason and how he fits with this team, but Otto sure got off to a great start as small-ball begins in the nation’s capital.

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