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Williams Sitting on the Hot Seat as the season comes to a close

As the 2015 regular season comes to an end, Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams is on the hot seat. Coming off a successful season in 2014, clinching the division with the best record in the NL (96-66), Nationals fans had every right to expect nothing less coming into 2015. However, the 2014 National League Manager of the Year, Matt Williams has been the ringleader of what has amounted to a disappointing season.

The chance of the Nats playing ball in October has gone down the drain. This can be a attributed to a roster struggling to remain healthy, defensive blunders, bad chemistry and questionable leadership in the dugout. With the way the season has played out, some players have displayed their indifference for Williams. It’s pretty clear when Max Scherzer roared at Williams as he approached the mound to take him out. In a clubhouse were the manager has commanded respect and the players respect the decisions this would never happen. Below are just a few instances of moments that showed a clear lack of utter respect between the manager at question and “his” players.


It looks like Max has a thing for Williams.

Most recently in the headlines the turmoil in the dugout has continued to boil over, this time the players are attacking each other….literally. In the Nationals – Phillies series, closer Johnathan Papelbon was not pleased with Bryce Harper’s lack of effort to run out a fly ball, Harper barked back and this is what it resulted to….

The pressure of a disappointing season has gotten to the Nats and Matt Williams has lost control of the ball club. A return for Williams very well may be in question.

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