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Ace pivotal as Rob’s Mob squeaks past First Class

This might have been one of the possible winter championship game matchups, or it could have just been a game between two good teams. Either way, First Class and Jamar and Robs Mob was a good one. J&Rs Mob walked away with the 10 point victory, but they certainly worked for it. R.J. and First Class refused to go quietly into the night.

Clint (17 points) started it off early for First Class as R.J. struggled to find his shot for nearly the first 12 minutes of the game. It was clear that Rob’s Mob paid a little attention to the scouting report, they sent traps and added pressure to keep R.J. (25 points) off his game early on. The matchup between he and J-Dub was great, both are two confident wings that can put points up in bunches.

Robs Mob had a 15-9 lead 12 minutes into the contest, Maurice Creek (28 points) had something to do with that as he was very attack minded early on. First Class defensive effort allowed them to stay close until their lead dog got going. It happened on a nice back door pass to a cutting R.J. who very much needed to see the ball go in the basket.  Meech hit a few big shots for Robs Mob, but it may have been Ace that threw a wrench in the First Class game plan. They definitely were ready and willing to let him try and beat them. He scored seven big points for his team and they only won by 10. Let that sink in for a minute, all points matter in every game.

Despite holding a 39-28 lead after the break, Robs Mob just couldn’t break the game wide open. Clint and Ace hit back-to-back threes , then R.J. would hit one to cut the lead to nine. Mo Creek had been attacking the basket and working out of the post in the first half versus taking the long ball, that changed when he hit a triple in response to First Class doing so. R.J. was in a rhythm again and he used an very efficient in-and-out dribble on a foray to the paint that resulted in a basket. He would add back-to-back triples of his own to cut the lead to just three. Creek responded with a triple to make it 57-51, Coach Bullock employed a trap on J-Dub (29 points) that really seemed to mess up the offense from Robs Mob. Creek seemed to be the only one who wasn’t slowed by the tactic.

It’s 59-56 as the game is headed down the stretch, Marl (9 points) would hit a floater to give Robs Mob a 61-56 lead. Better late than never, J-Dub joined the party and Robs Mob settled down on the defensive end. Getting timely stops to carve out a good lead, First Class was having trouble with the defensive pressure and took several ill-advised shots. They soon found themselves down by 11 and R.J. was the last player who had scored back when it was 59-56.

Ace had a good block on some great help defense, then scored his seventh point. Meech would drop a dime to Dub who hit the triple, Meech’s pass was impressive as it went through the defenders legs. Robs Mob had a 10 point lead with 3 minutes left and wouldn’t relinquish it.




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