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Fresh off the bye, Ravens face the Jaguars

Well, it certainly hasn’t been a normal season in Baltimore as the Ravens come off of their bye week at 2-6. The offense has under-performed, the defense has been porous and injuries have run rampant throughout the roster.

Certainly a good problem to have to some degree, but Baltimore is starting to be hampered by their past success. Due to them consistently making the playoffs and advancing, they’ve always drafted in the 20s or later. Because of this, they haven’t been able to draft many if any, blue chip rookies. Which means Baltimore is lacking difference makers all over the field.

That lack of talent has led to the poor start to the season, even more so than the injuries. While I don’t expect things to get much better this season, the Ravens will still show up and fight every week, it’s what they do. This week, they face the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Ravens may be the underdog in this one. What does Baltimore have to do to earn their third win of this season?

3 Keys to Victory

Protect Joe Flacco. The Jaguars have a good Defensive Line, one that can definitely get after the passer. If Baltimore can protect the Quarterback, they’ll have a good shot to win.

Stop T.J. Yeldon.  The young runner has quickly established himself as someone to look for in the future. If the Ravens can force Jacksonville to become one dimensional, Blake Bortles will make mistakes. Baltimore has to take advantage.

Contain the Allens. The Jaguars have two of the more promising ,young receiving duos in the NFL. That’d be Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson. Blake Bortles likes to throw them the ball quite a bit  and they’re both having nice seasons because of it. Baltimore’s secondary has been suspect this season, but if the Ravens can keep the two targets from being too prolific, the Jaguars would be forced to find other options.

My prediction: Baltimore 31 Jacksonville 34

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