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Manny, Underrated outlasts First Class down the stretch

First Class and team Underrated were each missing two of there better players in R.J. and Lex. Making it a true small ball game, Manny was in the building and that was more than enough for Underrated. His stellar play led them to a quick 24-14 lead, he hit an incredible layup in traffic early on. He got some much needed help from Lloyd (18 points) who’s effort really helped. However, things did get a bit testy as Sponge, Lou and Manny(19 points) into some well spirited verbal jarring. The game was close all game, and really tightened up down the stretch.

Manny gets a HUGE block on Clint with 1:42 left in the game, the diminutive guard’s defensive play is just a microcosm of how Underrated seized control of the game after it was tied. Manny gets fouled and hits both free throws. Clint(15 points) his a big layup but misses the ensuing free throw. Sponge (22 points) hits another big free throw to cut the lead to one. Underrated up by two with 10 seconds left, Clint goes to the line and splits the pair. Manny fights to get lose and gets fouled as expected, there’s nine seconds left. Manny misses both free throws, but pokes the ball away from Sponge. Mike gets a chance to redeem himself with the game on the line, he missed two technical free throws earlier, and he hit both of them. Underrated holds on to win in an exciting fashion, 66-63. A huge win, definitely a great one to watch for any who missed it live.

Coach Bullock must of talked to his guys at the break, definitely a more spirited group there. Clint cuts the lead to six with a euro-step in transition. First Class with a very lazy offensive possession. Underrated takes advantage of the bad possession, First Class gets a technical from Sponge’s words with a ref.  Underrated missed both free throws, but teams are trading baskets now which doesn’t help First Class at all.

Coach Bullock employs a press and it’s helped so far. Sponge cuts the lead to five with another tough inside basket, it’s a five point lead. That defense has changed the game, a great call from coach as his team cut the lead to three with 5:49 left in the game.

With 1:10 left in the half, Ron scores in transition to push the Underrated lead to 12. Clint responds and Lou fires back with a triple to push the lead to 16. Sponge said he’d get buckets and he lived up to his word since he made the comment, attacking the basket and getting to the line. Manny goes to the line after getting knocked down in the backcourt, its was in the one-and-one so he went to the line and drilled both. Pushing the lead to 15 at the break, First Class had a hill to climb in the second half.



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