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Clippers humiliate Wizards, snapping four game win streak

The Los Angeles Clippers came into the Verizon Center and punished the Washington Wizards, winning 108-91, snapping their four game win streak. Without Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and Jamal Crawford led the way for LA. In his return to Washington, Paul Pierce scored nine points on 4/7 shooting. Here are the takeaways from Monday night’s clash from MyMindOnSports’ Troy Jefferson.

John Wall should be the eastern conference starting point guard in the All Star Game

Despite a cast of thousands on injured reserve, John Wall has continued to lead the Wizards in every facet of the game. Going against one of the premiere point guards in Chris Paul, Wall finished with 23 points, 11 assists and five rebounds. It was just another day at the office for Wall, who has registered a double-double in each of the last six games. You’d be hard press to find another point guard in the eastern conference, who is carrying their team on a nightly basis like John Wall.

Garrett Temple is still Garrett Temple

Those twenty point games from Garrett Temple were fun while it lasted but after two Garrett Temple like games, I think it’s safe to say Garrett Temple is still well you know, Garrett Temple. In the last two games, he is shooting 1/9 from the three point line and 5/18 from the field. In the three games before, Temple had made a combined 10 three pointers. “Regressing to the mean” is a real thing, as a career three points per game scorer, I think we can safely say Garrett Temple got lucky for a few games nothing more.

Not deep enough to beat good teams

Even without Blake Griffin, the Los Angeles Clippers are still very talented. Washington beat Charlotte and Memphis to average-pretty good teams and two poor teams in Brooklyn and Sacramento, during its four game win streak. Unfortunately the NBA schedule doesn’t hand you cupcakes every game and from the opening tipoff, Washington looked out gunned and out manned, falling behind 34-20 in the first quarter. The Wizards have enough to stay afloat but for how long? This team desperately needs Bradley Beal, Nene and Alan Anderson to come back from injury if they want to be anything more than .500.

Kris Humphries stretch 4 experiment has failed

It was all good a couple of months ago, vines were making their way around Twitter of Kris Humphries nailing threes. “WE’VE FINALLY GOT A STRETCH FOUR,” Wizards fans rejoiced. Yeah, No. Humphries was 1/4 from the field and grabbed just one rebound in ten minutes of action and even worse was his defense. Washington’s forwards as whole were outplayed on Monday… I mean Cole Aldrich and Wesley Johnson combined for 27 points aka had career games.

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