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Mark this date down, history made as the “trifecta” is achieved in D.C.

December 26, 2015 is now a special day in the arena that is Washington, D.C. sports. Well professional sports that is, for the first time in 3o-plus years three teams in the Nation’s capital accomplished a feat that had only been done once before.  1983 was the year, December was the month, and the day was the 17th. Let’s compare scores from then and now as history has been made.

Washington Redskins

Last night the Redskins beat the Eagles to clinch the NFC East Crown for the first time since 2012. Back in ’83, the Joe Gibbs led Redskins would beat the New York Giants 31-22.

Washington Capitals

Back then, the Capitals went up to Philadelphia to take down the Flyers by the score of 3-1. Last night, in 2015 against a different opponent, the Capitals would win with the same score. The ’83 Flyers and ’15 Canadiens now have something in common.

Washington Wizards

In 1983, the Wizards didn’t quite exist but the Bullets certainly did. Washington would get hot from beyond the arc in their rout of the Cleveland Cavaliers 119-95. Last night, the Wizards would beat the Nets by an eerily similar score, 111-96.

While this may not be news outside of the nation’s capital, inside the area it’s huge. It’s come close to happening several times only to have one of the three botch it. Whether it’d be a Capitals draw that did it or a loss from the Caps or Wizards, it never worked out. Who knows, if D.C. sports can continue it’s rise this may not be news in the future.

What did you think of Redskins, Wizards, and Capitals pulling off the “D.C. Trifecta” last night? Share your thoughts below in the comments!!

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