Week 12’s Impact Players

When watching these games there are certain players that stick out to you and it may be partly due to their animation, but most of the time it’s their dominance that’s attractive. Typically the players that make this list are those that play a significant role in their team’s success. Without these two players this week their individual team’s outcomes would have been totally different.



Since taking the starting quarterback role after Andrew Luck went down in week 9, Matt Hasselbeck has went 4-0 as a starter this season. At 40-years old Hasselbeck has been able to keep the Colts’ playoff hopes alive, coming in tied with the Houston Texans as the top team in the AFC South. Hasselbeck and the Colts have not skipped a beat, and Sunday’s game was no different.

Hasselbeck’s performance led his team to a 25-12 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with him accounting for two touchdowns through the air. The 40-year old passed the ball 42 times completing 26 of them for 315 yards, giving him a quarterback rating of 100.8.

Next up for the Colts will be the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are a little bit more generous than the Bucs in their passing defense. With that being said, their run defense has been very effective this season, so Hasselbeck will have to compensate for that. Here we will see if he still has some gas left in the tank.



Russell Wilson simply took over this game against the Steelers on Sunday. Earlier in the year fans were questioning Wilson’s play, but after these last two games he has come with the answers. The Seattle Seahawks have improved to 6-5 and sit at second place in the NFC West with intention of going into the playoffs as a Wild Card.

Wilson scored five of Seattle’s six touchdowns to defeat the Steelers 39-30. He went 21 for 30, which amassed 345 yards giving him the week’s top rating of 147.9. In this game Wilson seemed poised and under control, and at times he took a shot deep that paid off for his team.

Going forward into week 13, Wilson will have to put up some significant figures when the Seahawks take on the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have looked very solid on defense which will be a challenge for the Seahawks. This should not be too much of a setback for the Seahawks offense, who have fared well against strong defenses such as the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams.

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