Cleveland closed the deal, Hue Jackson to be named the new head coach


The Hue Jackson sweepstakes are officially over, the Cleveland Browns stepped up and were rewarded for their aggressiveness. Per multiple reports the two spots he would land in were going to be either Cleveland or San Francisco. The 49ers had first crack at him with a five hour meeting with Jackson last Sunday, before he met with the Cleveland Browns later in the day.

There were several reports on Sunday after the meeting with San Francisco that he was expected to be hired, those reports wound up being false. Both meetings went well, and then the New York Giants requested permission to interview Jackson and he was scheduled to meet with them today. The Browns, would have no part in that. They didn’t let Jackson get on that plane, Cleveland was able to secure a second meeting with the sought after coach and locked things down by extending an offer. Details for the contract will be released later today as a press conference introducing Jackson as the new head coach is expected to happen later today.

One of the reasons that Jackson chose the Browns was not only because the offered the job, saying that he’s “their” guy. Another reason was the personnel power he was offered in Cleveland versus San Francisco and most likely New York. Both the 49ers and Giants have General Managers in place and that power wouldn’t be changed with Jerry Reese and Trent Balke in place.

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