Rams find new home in Los Angeles

There was talk for some time now that at least one NFL franchise would relocate to Los Angeles and the team to do was the St. Louis Rams. The announcement was made Tuesday night after the owners voted on the relocation. The reported final tally was 30-2 in favor of moving the Rams to Inglewood, California. The San Diego Chargers have until January 16, 2017 to decide if they want to move to Inglewood with the Rams. The proposal of the Chargers and Oakland Raiders to build a joint stadium in Carson, California did not go through. The Raiders have reportedly withdrawn their relocation request. If the Chargers don’t come up with a deal or can figure out a way to get a new stadium in San Diego, where they have played since 1961, the Raiders will have the first chance to try and join the Rams in Inglewood.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the Rams will move to Los Angeles in 2016 and will be playing in their new stadium in 2019. The Rams previously played football in Los Angeles from 1946 to 1994 before moving to St. Louis. For the fans that are in St. Louis, they are about to experience a grieving process as their hometown football team is moving to Los Angles. Fans will no doubt feel hurt and abandoned by owner Stan Kroenke and his decision to relocate the franchise. The fans in Los Angeles will be anticipating having a football team back.

The Chargers now have some leverage to try and get a new Stadium in San Diego. Owner Dean Spanos will be looking for the “best path forward” for the Chargers. It was an emotional season for the Chargers and their fan base, not knowing whether or not this team would relocate or stay in San Diego. Now they will have to go through this process again. Now the franchise has an option as to what it wants to do going forward regarding where they will be playing. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported that a deal between the Chargers and Rams could come soon. If that is the case, both teams will play at the Coliseum.

Los Angeles will finally have an NFL franchise again with the possibility of a second team joining the mix. Welcome back, Los Angeles Rams.

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