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5 Takeaways: Maryland 73, Purdue 59

Spacing. Maryland’s struggled with their spacing for the past couple of games, Purdue’s ball pressure really affected the Terps ability to run their offense. There were too many instances in which offensive players were far too close to each other, passes felt like handoffs at times and that’s not the type of offense they run. The biggest issue is the ball doesn’t get inside enough, passes are deflected and stolen when trying to get it inside to the bigs. Maryland is going to deal with this for the rest of the season, they must find a way to counter it. Curing this should also help them bring their turnover total down per contest as well.

Confroy. This is one of keys to the point above, her ability to spot up in corners opposite from where the big is posting shatters defenses. She’s one of the most important weapons for Maryland, especially as teams plan for the dangerous pair of Brionna Jones and Shatori Walker-Kimbrough. She shot just 3-of-7 last night, every attempt came from beyond the arc. Of every player on the roster, she carries the biggest weight as “the” shooter that can make teams suffer for attention given to the Terps dynamic duo.

Frosh development. Kiah Gillespie and Brianna Fraser are working their way towards being consistent options off of Maryland’s bench. Both of the youngsters are embracing their roles and starting to get comfortable. They give Maryland two unique talents that can impact the game several ways. Fraser has shown a knack for hitting the glass and blocking shots, what was impressive against Purdue was her ability to run the hi-lo with Jones and the on point entry passes she delivered. Gillespie is gifted offensively, but has improved on the other end of the floor. She has to work on avoiding fouls, but she played good post defense in 1-on-1 situations and showed off her athleticism with a block.

Brionna Jones. The dominant post presence continues to do a great job establishing position on the low block, when the ball does get inside, she scores easily. Whether she’s matched up 1-on-1 or even double teamed, she’s able to power her way through. She made up for the lack of post touches, by hitting the glass, recording 10 on the night. Their offense suffers when she’s not getting a steady diet of touches, again that spacing coms back into play. Even in a sloppily played game, Brionna was able to dominate in stretches.

SWK. What else to say? The Terps wing is known for her ability to put the ball in the basket, scoring 71 points in back-to-back contests leading up to Maryland’s loss against Ohio State. She spoke a bit about maybe forcing the issue in Columbus, but wanting to be aggressive while letting the game come to her against Purdue. She did just that by scoring a game high 23 points on 7-of-11 shooting, including going 3-of-4 from beyond the arc. She impressed me most on the glass and on the defensive end. It’s one thing to get steals, it’s entirely another when a 5’11 wing is blocking shots on a regular basis. Maryland may not of won if it wasn’t for her being able to bail them out of ┬áseveral stagnant offensive possessions with big shots.


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