Is Russell Westbrook the best point guard in the NBA?

The best point guard in the NBA discussion is always an interesting topic of conversation. There are a handful of players who can make their claim to the league’s top point guard. Guys like Chris Paul, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry are the talk of the discussion. Sure, there are a few other guys who belong in the conversation at the very least. It’s hard to make a case for anyone but Curry due to his highly prolific play this season and his out-of-this-world shooting displays. However, one man is doing everything he can to be the best point guard in the game today and that man is Mr. Westbrook.

Many people will say that Westbrook isn’t your typical point guard, but more of a shooting guard with the title of point guard. Whether that is the case or not, he is a point guard and arguably the best one in the game. He averages 24 points, 10 assists, 7.6 rebounds and 2.4 steals per game while shooting 45,7% from the floor. He averages more than Curry in all of these categories besides scoring, which Curry leads the league at 29.4 points per game. Curry lit up the Washington Wizards for 51 points Wednesday night, including 11 three-pointers ( John Wall went for 40 along with 10 assists, but that’s another conversation for another day).

Westbrook had himself quite the Wednesday night himself at the expense of the Orlando Magic. Westbrook recorded his 8th triple-double of the season with 24 points, a career-high 19 rebounds (7 offensive) and 14 assists. This is his third-consecutive game with a triple-double. Over the past two seasons, Westbrook leads the NBA in that category with 18, the most since Jason Kidd had 25 in 2006- ‘07/2007-’08. Aside from Curry, who has two triple-doubles on the season, none of the aforementioned point guards have one. Westbrook also tied the game up against the Magic with under 30 seconds to play before Kevin Durant knocked down what would prove to be the game-winner.
The combination of Westbrook and Durant is one of if not the most lethal one-two punches in the NBA. Durant averages more points (27.4) and rebounds (8) than his point guard, but either way, the Thunder will gladly take it. Westbrook’s ability to produce triple-doubles helps his team in so many ways. He will get his points, find the open man and help the big men by rebounding the basketball. With his athleticism, he is a tough matchup on a nightly basis and gives opposing teams fits in a way that’s different from Curry. Westbrook is more of an explosive player athletically as opposed to Curry who is  more shifty and crafty, but Steph shoots the ball explosively from anywhere on the court.
It is very possible that we could see these two point guards do battle come playoff time in what would sure to be an exciting series. These two would do battle for not only the right to advance to the next round, but to see who is the best point guard in the league. You can go back and forth all day on which point guard is the best in the NBA whether it’s Westbrook, Curry or whoever else you want to slot in there. The greatest part about this debate is the fact that these guys are either entering or in the midst of their primes, which ensures us we will be able to watch these great players for years to come.
At the end of the day, is Russell Westbrook the best point guard in the NBA?

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