NFC Free Agency: Why it’ll work, why it won’t

We’re going to update this throughout the rest of Free Agency. Several members of our staff will participate in this game, “Why it’ll work, why it won’t” with the Free Agency signings. It’s far too early to know if every signing will pay off for every team, so we’ll share a quick thought of support for both cases. If it works or if it doesn’t. Hopefully you’ll enjoy!!

New York Giants -Damon Harrison, Janoris Jenkins, Olivier Vernon,  Jason Piere-Paul

Why it works – The last time the G-Men were contenders, they had one of the best defensive lines in football. While it’s far too early to say this line is one of the best, it’s certainly a four man group that garners attention. Harrison and Hankins in the middle will make it extremely tough to run the ball, JPP and Vernon as bookends don’t hurt either. The focus should be on how the four could complement each other versus the money that was spent, rushing the passer is at a premium and players that can do that cost money. The Jenkins signing is a nothing more than a do-over from when New York selected Amukamara and he’s never become that CB1 or CB2 they imagined he would be.

Why it won’t – If those four pieces up front don’t “fit” just right, it’ll be for naught. They need to be working as one for all of this to have been worth it. Jenkins, he’s supremely talented, but mentally takes breaks. If he regresses mentally, that money will have been poorly spent. At this moment, he’s CB1 in New York and that’s a big responsibility.

Eagles: Nigel Bradham, Brandon Brooks,  Ron Brooks, Chase Daniel, Leodis McKelvin, Rodney McLeod

Why it works – It’s clear the Eagles are trying to erase the Chip Kelly era, they’ve certainly gotten off to a good start by trading a few of the players he brought in away and cutting others. The guys from the Bills all bring something to the table, Ron Brooks and Bradham more so than McKelvin. Leodis is kind of a luxury, if he’s healthy that’s great, if not you still draft another young corner. Brooks will be solid and Bradham joins a young linebacker core. The signing of McLeod means Malcolm Jenkins gets a good partner at the backend of the defense, that’s now solidified. Brandon Brooks is needed, Philly’s offensive line is far from what it once was. Daniel obviously, as depth behind Bradford.

Why it doesn’t – McKelvin doesn’t regain his form, as for the rest it’s about the fit. All of this is in theory as of now, on paper. The “fit” on the field matters heavily, if McLeod and Jenkins are good on paper, but bad on the field as a pair this can blow up. Still there’s a lot more positives than negatives about these signings so far.

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